Friday, February 17, 2012

Life as an Exchange Student

So this post is just for me. Well this blog is just for me... but yea.... I'm currently living as an exchange student in Singapore (I go to NUS) but I originate from Case Western Reserve University back in Ohio, USA. Let me tell you, life here is really different from how it is back home. But you just need to adjust right? c:

I originally decided to study abroad because I love Japan and I wanted to go to Japan for Study Abroad... but then the earthquake happened and its just sad. :( So I ended up in good old English speaking Singapore, which I'm pretty happy about. It's really nice here. Anyways, I wanted to study abroad because I was really getting tired of the same old same old back at home and I wanted a little escape! Its like when you just want to break out of the normal and do something a little different... so I did.... which is kinda scary.... D: I'm like an extremely shy person so when it comes to making new friends... I really have trouble.... :( Like I have to force myself to put myself out there or I'll just sit in the corner and listen to my zune (eff ipods! >:D But I do have an iphone.... >w>;; ) Yea so I really have hard time meeting new friends. Like back in my school days, I moved cities in forth grade, but it took me till 9th grade to establish those good, life-long friendships that you always hear about! That's like a really long time just to find those people you fit in with! I was really worried about not finding anyone who would like me in Singapore! People have told me I am pretty unique.... there's no one like me back at CWRU, that's for sure. ;) But yea, I was really scared of going to Singapore, but I was also really excited too! I mean, coming from an Asian family that rarely ever travels, this is my first time away from the US and away from my close friends and that's really scary... You can't just text them or call them like you used to because now you have a 13+ or 16+ time difference... what to do? Well obviously, I decided to face my fears and fly off. The day I was leaving I was like... "Omg... I'm really doing this aren't I? What if the people there don't like me? What if they're really weird? How will I survive in a place I know nothing about....?"

Now that I'm in Singapore, I really love it here! The weather is so much better than back home~ but the air con really sucks... too cold.... T____T And I did manage to meet some nice people! But I had to be that weird person that just started talking to you on the bus, but the person I talked to was really nice. c: Yea, I'm still really awkward when I try to speak to new people, but I've gotten good at faking that smile. Eventually, that fake smile turns out not to be fake anymore though! I hope I can make life long memories here. c: <3

... They keep making us do Student Visa checks like every day though... D:
I swear I'm not an illegal immigrant!.... -_-