Monday, February 13, 2012

Malacca Haul

So this past weekend, I went to Malacca (Or Melaka... however you want to spell it :'p) in Malaysia. It seems pretty common that all the exchange students travel like every weekend... so I decided to jump on the bandwagon too~ :D Yay! Being from an Asian family, we never travel so that we can save up money; therefore, I want to do as much traveling as I can in Southeastern Asia before I have to go back to school in the US and study like crazy...Wheet whoo! 

Anywho, I think about 2 weeks ago, I had my first venture into Malaysia- Kaula Lumper. This time, as I just said, I went to Malacca and I bought a ton of stuff. We left Friday evening - because we're good students and don't skip class ;) - and left Sunday morning... so technically we only had a single day in Malacca... but I still had a ton of fun.  It all depends on who you go traveling right? <3

So here's all the stuff I bought! We started the day off at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. There, I found this cute little store where you can get all sorts of charms and stuff that are personalized with your name on it! 

BUT the best part is... it was only 5RM!!! FIVE!!! That's only like $1.60 USD per cellphone charm! So cheap right?! And really cute too! I went like crazy and bought a lot for my friends, but I couldn't resist! c;<3 They came in all sorts of shapes and colors too so there was a pretty good selection. One thing I learned about small stores in Malacca is that you can get everything with your name on it hehe. ;D

The next thing that I bought, also at Dataran Pahlawan, at some pushcart near the entrance, was the Pinkish-red Hello Kitty iPhone cover. At only $19RM~! Nice right?! I love cheap things that are super cute~ <3 The thing that really sold me was hold the ear behind the bow is actually a button! So you press the ear as the lock button! I don't know... I just really love that. >/////<;

The rest of the items shown above are actually from Mahkota Parade. First are some cosmetics from Parkson was a toner from Clinique. This was actually my first item from this brand, but I know it's a really really popular skin care brand. I bought this particular item for $83RM and I thought wow, approx. $23 USD for name brand stuff, so cheap right? Well, then today I looked up the prices online.... and they were only like $12.50 for the same product... so now I'm a little down. :( But I guess I needed to buy this because I left my toner back at home and my skin is really hating me right now. :(( ALSO, on the back, it said "Specially formulated for Asian skin" so I believe maybe it is better suited for me... Wahhhhh~ >< 

ALSO! Next to the toners are some free samples I got with my purchase! First is a moisturizer sample from Clinique and the other one is a base from Chanel. Always. Always ALWAYS ask for samples~! I love samples! <3 Plus, it helps you learn which ones you like better and which ones just don't go for you're skin~ But I'm a good girl. I only ask for samples if I choose to purchase something. ;) Or if my friend purchases something and doesn't want the sample. Kekekekeke~ ;) <3

Next were those black flats from Stylix. Just your ordinary pointy black flats because my pair was getting a little beat up. These were $39 RM. So not bad but I could do better. The quality seems pretty good though so I think its worth it. c:

And now to the clothessssss! My favorite part!!! I seriously cannot stop myself from buying clothes! Someone help! D:

<insert image>

Well the first thing was a completely lace dress from Kitschen at only $19 RM.
For this maybe I can just wear a black bra and skirt and go clubbing in it? Maybe too slutty though? Kekekekekeke~ >;) I'm really loving lace these days! Also, I could also wear it as a top with skinny jeans and a white singlet for a clean clausal look I think. c:

The second to last thing was a floral dress from Acewin~! I love floral prints!! <3
Pairing with my new black flats and a black belt I stole from my brother and Ta-da!! So chio~! <3 Hehe. Ok I guess not really, but I really like dark prints and floral prints so it was a total win for me. And only $26RM only~! Lol. I totally love how cheap Malaysia is! Especially compared to Singapore! Singapore! Y U So Expensive?! D;
And a birds eye view of me~! LOL. I don't know... I saw someone else do some before and I thought it looked really cool... but on me... at least I tried right? ;)

Finally! I got this cute little brown bag from Jonker Street.

I LOVE bows! Like LOVE LOVE LOVE! So girl friendly~! <3 This was $20RM. It was originally $28RM but my Chinese friend bargained it down for me. Now if you haven't noticed... yes I am Chinese too... but I don't speak Chinese so don't even try. I'm full on ABC. ;) 

And that's it! Not too much bought from a whole day of shopping but I definitely want to go back and visit again~! <3 Especially because March and April there will be a huge sale apparently~ ;) You know us Asian people love our sales~!

~ Sheepy <3