Sunday, March 25, 2012

3D2N in Vietnam

Hey guys~! So as previously stated, I spent last weekend (March 15-18) in Hanoi with my friends! And if you didn't know, my Daddie actually grew up in Hanoi! Omg yo~~! <3 Vietnamese love! The rice paddies and all that Vietnamese really made me miss my parents. T____T<3 I really recommend visiting the country of your origin if you can! It's really a good experience, and I really want to go back someday. <333 ALSO. OMG. I think maybe Korean and Vietnamese boys are the best looking of all the Asians. Definitely. c:

We arrived on March 18th and it was really cold! Unfortunately, this trip was full of terrible, rainy, foggy weather. Wahhhhhh! So different from the steamy hot weather we get in Singapore. :( I was really cold I even had to buy pants because I only brought shorts.... WHY? The weather report said it would be high 60s- mid 70s! It was much colder than that. =n= So yea, we arrived and got a taxi over our Bnb, Rainbow Hotel.
The nice people at the reception desk. c:

This "hostel" had a really nice reception, and the showers were amazing, but the bathrooms were gross, and the beds were really hard.... so I wouldn't recommend this place again. They also apparently ripped us off on the Boat trip we took on day 2, but more on that later. The good thing about the hotel is that it's right in the middle of the city! The location is amazing! As soon as you exit, you enter the townish area. c:

My outfit of the day: schoolgirl! :D This was taken by my amazing photographer friend! Call him V. ;)

For serious guys, this place has an amazing location, if that makes up for how terrible the beds are. :( Pretty cheap too, for 5 people, we paid ~ 8 SGD a night. 

For the first day, we just explored the area around our hotel/hostel and do a little shopping. It was really busy, and really dusty, so I recommend looking both ways before crossing the street... and buying a dust mask. OMG. Now I know why they stereotype Asian drivers... THEY CRAZY YO! It's like Grand Theft Auto out there! 500 points for hitting that tourist who doesn't know how things work in Vietnam. D: Also, there are like 50 bajillion (no exaggeration) motorcycles/scooters too. No one follows merging rules. I don't even know if traffic laws apply here.... T____T
Teehee. Seriously! Buy a mask! It was about ~$1 USD. Fail bargaining.... ><;; 
(Also stolen from my friend, V's pictures)

We also visited the lake nearby. c: Sorry the weather is so foggy. :( But yea, the reflection off the water makes it soooo beautiful! o: The area is such a couple spot though... ;A; Hate you happy couples....

Nighttime. The colors~ <33

There was a bridge, so camwhore on the bridge? Yes, yes? ;)

Self Cam-whore shot of me stolen from a different friend, V2. c:

Bad point about Vietnam! Watch out for people who try to scam you! One person broke my shoes and tried to put super glue on it. T____T Had to throw my boots out.... but yea, if they try to do something like that, say NO! They'll force you to pay money for it. Like this! Someone put these things on my friends, and told us that Vietnam pictures = you buy my fruit... She's not some scary guy, so it wasn't too bad since I have scary guy friends, but still... beware. :(

Looking so intense when buying ice cream. :p (V)

Shopping at the night market. c:

For day 2-3, we did a trip on a boat on Halong Bay for $60 USD each. Not bad since it included transfer, accommodation, boat ride, kayaking, food (minus drinks!), etc. But I know you can get better rates. :( We just chose to follow what our hostel said because we felt like we could trust them the most. c:
Pictures from the boat:
Our boat. Sorry V's ugly face got into the picture. Buwahahahahahaha! Jk~ :p

We first stopped at those famous caves, Sato? But I won't show any pictures of the caves. Yea, the fog kills everything. Makes it so eerie no~ :o

Halong Bay baby~ <3

We also stopped over at an island where you can climb up to the top. Forgot what this island is called too... but It's supposed to be really nice. You can go swimming here, but the weather didn't permit it... :(
The steps to the top of the island. 400 FREAKING steps that I had to climb up?! My butt! D:
Last picture I'll show you of our boat trip. We got to go kayaking, and it was my first time... and its really hard! AND it was freezing!!! I was originally in pants, but I changed into shorts (which got completely soaked) because I didn't want my pants to get wet... Idk.... :/ Let's just say, I fail at kayaking, and I hurt my finger too. We decided to "land" at this little island by the bigger island (with the cave) and take pictures. Who do you think would survive on a deserted island? Me right~?! :D 

Food in Vietnam is also AMAZING!!! PHO AND CHA CA OWN MY HEART. <3 I also recommend the Bahn Mi. So good. But idk, I may be biased because I grew up with Vietnamese food.
I don't remember what this was called, but it's rice noodle sheet things filled with beef, covered in fried onions and dipped in some sort of sweet, sour sauce. Major yums. <3

PHO. <3 We only have pho twice during the whole trip though! Sad face. T____T
This is Cha ca. Cha ca is AMAZING! It's like fried fished mixed with dill and other herbs. Then put over vermicelli noodles and topped with a sweet sauce and peanuts. The dill gives it this tangy taste that makes me love it that much more. OMG. Mouth orgasm x102i4eu0rwj. <3
Steamed fish in a ginger sauce. Just like Mom used to make. Seriuosly reminds me of my childhood. <3 This was one of the dishes served on the boat ride. Sorry I didn't take more pictures of the food from the boat ride though.... but I do like how it offers a nice variety of Viet food. Like a taste testing. c:<3

I think I'll stop there. This has gotten too long. Sorry~ c;<3