Friday, March 9, 2012

Collective Haul!

Ok~ So long time since my last post... I'm a lazy sheepie. :p
I think all I ever do these days is sleep..... or youtube.... I have a problem..... :/

SO. I've been doing some, not a lot, but some shopping during these past few weeks. First off, I went to Bangkok for Recess week (2/18-2/25) which I might post about later... but I bought a few presents while I was there. Now that I think about it, I really didn't buy anything for myself... I only spent money on food, spa/ massages (So cheap in Thailand! <3), and presents! c: I just love giving~ :'D

I know that since no one reads this blog, I don't have to worry about my friends seeing these presents~! :'p Kekekekekekeke~ my secret to you guys~ c: So first! I bought a bag from the floating market which was like 2 hours drive away from our hotel! So far! D: But yea, you can read about that when I post my Thailand post maybe~ :p I thought the bag was really cute and easy matching. It's just a navy print with a caramel brown lining and strap. Really cute. Really simple and only 250 Baht I think? Not bad right~ :p The next thing was another Hello Kitty phone case, this time in lime green! I'm trying to get my friend to fall in love with Hello Kitty and her favorite color is green so I got this as a joke for her. Again, 250 Baht. c; And lastly~ I bought 2 organic soaps that smell AMAZING! OMG. YUM! <333 The lighter one is "Turmeric and Safflower" scented and the gray one is "Black Sesame and Banana" scented. The gray is definitely my favorite. These were 150 Baht a pop but so adorable! <3

Next, my more recent shopping was at Vivo City mall yesterday! I don't have classes on Thursday so I use this day to explore Singapore mostly.... and there's mostly only shopping to do in Singapore.... o:

First we stopped at Sephora where I bought some dry shampoo $45 SGD and a pressed powder $23 SGD. I also bought a new flat top brush to use with the powder. Now, the pressed powder I LOVE. LOVE. The texture is really soft and smooth and it smells SO good! It smells like baby powder but somewhat sweeter and its really strongly scented. I use this to set my concealer because I have oily skin. It's amazing. <3 The dry shampoo is okay.... I mean, the smell is ok... and it works ok.... but definitely not worth the price. OK. So in the USA, if we buy something at Sephora and we hate it (heh...) we can return it at any time, no questions asked... BUT. Apparently Singapore does NOT have this. AND. They DON'T HAVE THE BIRTHDAY GIFT that we have in the USA. So I just had my birthday and this is the first time I would have been getting the little Beauty Birthday gift... but freaking Singapore Sephora is like crap compared to America!!! I was like SUPER pissed. WHATEVER SEPHORA. I can wait to go back to the US and buy all my make-up then! Jerks.... -_- I'll be purchasing some items online to get my present. Plus, I found this amazing promotion for a sample of Vera Wang "Princess" for Sephora and I totally want to buy it. <3

I also stopped by Daiso and bought some cute bentos and false eyelashes (Everything was $2 SGD each). Nothing much else to say about it. Picked up some cute nail polish colors as well. I was really happy to pick up "For Audrey" by China Glaze (China Glaze - 3 for $18/ Everything else - 3 for $5 USD). This is like ALWAYS sold out in the US, and now I know why! Singapore is hoarding it! Why Singapore!? WHY?! D: This is also a present for a friend (Just this color :p) . <3

Next we have some stuff from Sasa~! OMG. Ever since winter break, I've been really into skin-care and cosmetics... therefore~ I'm in LOVE with Sasa. <333 Firstly, I bought some masks because they were on sale~ ;p It was like buy 5, get 1 (6 for $10 USD) free so not bad. I'm recently falling in love with masks... plus the packaging is SO cute! I'll have to do a review on them later. I admit, the packing sells me~ ;)

I'm super happy with my purchase~ kekekekekekeke~ Girls just have to treat themselves sometimes! ;)
I also got a new shampoo set by Tsubaki from Sasa.

I've been trying out a lot of new shampoos and conditioners because I'm running out of the one I originally brought to Singapore. What I usually use is the Aveeno set and I absolutely love it! It really does make my hair so much softer and I feel like its healthier than when I used Treseme. Its worth the price to pay more to have healthier hair I think because I bleached the hell out of it about a year ago... :p Well so I've tried the Essentials and Pantene here... but it really doesn't help my hair... BUT I heard good things about this brand, and it's by Shisedo so I decided to try it out. This was about $36 SGD for the set (2 shampoos and a treatment) so it was kinda pricey for American standards, but I believe that it should be a good product. I don't know why they think we need so much shampoo and no conditioner though.... lame package..... -_-;;

Finally! We stopped by Cotton on and I got a couple dresses! :D

LOL.... ok.... someone really needs to teach me how to photoshop.... I was looking at Xiaxue's blog and I was like.... WOW. I wish I could photoshop like that! She's really talented~ and really pretty~ c: I admit, I'm a fan. c: Anywho! I admit I splurged a little on these dresses... well not really but kinda.... The first one is the black asymmetric hem one for $30 SGD. I'm like a HUGE fan of asymmetric hems right now! Like seriously, when I see it, I just get this urge to buy it.... D: Someone help meeeeee~ D: But it was too cute I couldn't resist buying it. Plus, I think it will be good for multiple ocassions so I can make it worth while. c: The other dress was cheaper~ only $10 SGD! But I got the XXXS one and it came like freaking huge.... I don't understand this sizing because the black dress is only size S and it fits fine.... @w@;; So for this dress, I actually modified it a bit. I pinned up the sides to make the fit more flattering, and I rolled up the dress where the belt actually is. That's why I needed the belt~ to hide the bulk! Kekekekekeke~ smart right? ;)

Well that's it for now~ Chuuuu~

PS. OMG. BIG BANG IS LIKE MY ONE TRUE BIAS AND THEY'RE BACK. PLEASE COME TO SINGAPORE~ Hehe. I'm like a huge fangirl...... Nothing can stop me~ Lol..... >////////< Sorry you had to see that.....