Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Current Hair Conditioner Review

LOL. So.... I've been meaning to do a post about my trip to Thailand.... and I just went to Hanoi, Vietnam so I was planning on writing a post about that too.... but instead... I think I'll just write about the current conditioners I use! :D

Right now, I switch between 4 conditoners.... I know.... sounds a little excessive right? ;D But don't worry! Two of them are trial/ travel sizes~ c:

Ok. First, a little background about my hair. I never was the type of person to do lots of junk to their hair. I normally just shampooed everyday like an idiot and never conditioned... ok.... maybe I conditioned like 3 times a year when I got my hair cut... but that's about it. AND. I straightened and blew dry my hair EVERYDAY! D: This was going on since High School (so about 3 years) but I recently started using heat protectant like 1 year ago. c: Last January (1/11) I was brave and I decided to dye my hair... like a lot lighter than I normally do, so yes, I bleached the heck out of my hair... D: Sorry hair... D: Here's a pic! :'D
Lol... sorry. I'm too lazy to photoshop for you guys... or put on make-up for that matter.... :/
Excuse my ugliness. Taken straight from my Facebook~ :p

Well that really killed my hair. Six months later, I decided I didn't like maintaining lighter hair so I dyed it back to dark brown. And after that, I've been dying my hair like twice a year because the bleach shows through sometimes unfortunately.... (I'm buying and dying my hair again tomorrow! Yay!) I also recently rebonded my hair too... more hair damage please? c; So yea, my hair is pretty damaged and was dry and unhealthy until recently! :'D

Ok! I so let's get to this review!

I'm sure you can read the labels so I'll just jump right into it.

1. Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care 
This one was the cheapest, but it was also the smallest size. ;D The size states 70mL, and I purchased it for about $1 USD. I don't remember the exact price since I bought it during my stay in Thailand. Let's start with the scent... this one has a REALLY sweet, girly, fruity-tooty smell. It's not bad. Just super sweet. Maybe a little too sweet. The scent does stay longer on my hair than the other conditioners as well which I really like. Normally perfumes and shampoos and other types of scents don't have long lifetimes on me... it makes me kinda sad. But the lifetime of this scent was pretty good, which was a major plus for this conditioner even if the scent isn't so amazing.... :p For effectiveness, I'd say that it works pretty well. It doesn't dry out my hair or make my scalp itchy or anything. It just makes my hair softer which I like. It's not as good as the Aveeno one though. I only purchased the conditioner so I cannot say how well it works in the pair, but overall, I really like this one and may purchase it again. The major only downside is that I know it does contain some chemicals that are actually harmful for your hair, but for now, I'd say it's doing more good than bad. c: But it still kinda scares me.... D:

2. Tsubaki Treatment 
For this, if you haven't read earlier, I hauled this in a set with 2 shampoos and this treatment. The store lady told me that this could be used as conditioner so that's what I use it for. I still think its kinda stupid to have a set of 2 shampoos, a treatment, and no conditioner! I was tricked! D: Anywho, this treatment smells really weird! Like seriously. It smells like plastic mixed with cinnamon, and a little bit of Tsubaki oil. Luckily, the scent isn't too strong and it doesn't stay long on my hair (thank god) so I won't judge it too much for that. c: On effectiveness, it's ok.... not too amazing.... at least it doesn't dry out my hair (like Treseme... coughcough) So ok. I give it an ok rating. Maybe because I've only been using for such a short time I feel this way. So I can't say this is a permanent dislike for this product. I'll give it more chances in the future to impress me, but for a Shisedo product, complete and utter disappointment. The shampoo in the set wasn't that amazing either. Just as good as Herbal Essence maybe? Yea, so right now, it's not amazing. AND, this was one of the more expensive products (about $12 SGD) with only 120 g of product. Sad face.... :(

3. Essential Nuance Airy 
This product is TERRIBLE! OMG. I will NEVER purchase this again!!!! NEVER!!! The smell of plastic is just too overwhelming! And it stays on your hair too!! Why do so many conditioners smell like plastic? What's the use of making the shampoo smell so good when the scent that stays is the conditioner which smells like shit?! D: But I did purchase the shampoo for the set too, and it smells good.... it's just the conditioner.... :/ Omg why does it smell so bad? The effects are pretty good too! About on the same line as the Pantene Pro-V one and below Aveeno, but the smell... I can't get over it.... I don't want to smell like plastic! T_____T The price is ok for this one, only $4 SGD for 200mL, but I don't think I'll ever re-purchase this product. I've heard good things about the mask, so I think I'll still try out their line, but next time, just remember to smell the product first... just because Xiaxue advertises for them does not mean that the product is good... ;A; Never again.....

4. Aveeno Nourish and Shine 
This is the one I currently use the most of (if you couldn't tell by how much I used, it's almost empty! That's part of what prompted me to shop around for new conditioners) and its amazing~! You know, I'm glad my interests have moved more away from clothes and more on skin/ hair care. It's better for me to be health right? ;) But yea, my friend recommend this product and I picked it up in the States before I came over. It was the a little pricey at around $7 USD for 311mL (10.5 oz), but price doesn't matter when it works so well! Ok, so yea, my hair was in the worst state ever! Dry, ugly, frizzy, not good at all.... but after the wash with this set, my hair was SO soft. I've used the shampoo alone before, with other conditioners, but it didn't really make my hair any softer. It was still it's normal ugly self, only a little less dry. BUT with the conditioner, it's so much more noticeably softer! This thing works so well I can't get over it. My new holy grail shampoo and conditioner. AND. It smells SOOO good! If you like Aveda stuff (which I do~ I usually get my hair cut there! But their hair care is so expensive omg.... T____T), then you'll love this ! They smell kinda similar, imo, more herbal than floral. Well this was kinda herbal, not really fruity or anything like that. The only downside, apart from the price, is that it can make your scalp itchy if you don't condition correctly... Well before, remember when I told you that I used to never condition my hair? Well I did, I'd just put it in like shampoo.... D: Don't laugh~ I've learned that you should start by pouring a nice size dab in the palm of your hand, rub it on your hands, and start to lather the ends of your hair, then midsection, then apply the leftovers to your roots. It's the ends that need the most love anyways~ and it also prevents your scalp from getting itchier because the hair repairing stuff will dry out the scalp a little. But yea, if you do it like this, it works wonderfully. Best conditioner ever. Go buy it! Unfortunately, I don't know if they sell it anywhere but the US though... I've checked and haven't seen it in Singapore or the Asian countries I've been in... so Idk... D: But it's amazing if you can get your hands on it~ c:<3