Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Birthday! :D

Ok. So March 6th was my 21st birthday! I'm so old now..... D: But at least I can drink legally now in the States. Kekekeke~ <3 Well, as a tradition, my friends and I go out for Sushi on Monday at "Standing Sushi" because the sashimi is only $2 SGD for 5 pieces! And its really fresh! So yum! <3 Since my birthday was Tuesday, they surprised me with a cake and some chocolate! I feel so loved! Here's a picture of the cake~

Isn't it the cutest?! And the frosting was so good~ <3333

For all the 91ers out there... I hope you have a great 21st! This is a really big year for us. c:<3

ALSO. We went out for Ladies Night on Wednesday and my friend did my makeup really well.... but I forgot to take the picture... :( Sorry~