Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Ok. So if you didn't know, I grew up using Shiseido products. My mom is like a huge fan of their products and she ONLY buys their skincare. I always thought she was stupid until just recently when I started on my skincare phase. Well, so yea, I have a sort of bias towards buying Shiseido! I love their products! Currently, I still use their Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60 (present from my mom before going to Singapore! <3), and the cleanser and toner from the Benefiance line (spelling?). I really like all the products, especially the cleanser, but the lotion does make me a little oily~ D:

Soooo~ Anyways! I was watching this one video on youtube, and she mentioned this one site, Imomoko.com where she buys all her Asian skincare in the US. Being from the US, I thought that I had to check it out~ AND. They sell Shiseido too~ BUT. Ok. Here's the reason for the post, they listed Majorica Majorica (Japanese Brand) as being under Shiseido! I was like... O: "WOW! I didn't know they were Shiseido! AND. Ettussais is under Shiseido too!" I was so surprised... so I wiki-ed it! :'D Yup. That's a verb. To wiki. :p But yea, apparently NARS AND CLE DE PEAU ARE ALSO UNDER SHISEIDO! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! DAYUM GIRL. SHISEIDO RUNS THE WORLD!!!!! But I don't mind, I'm happy following behind them as their little sheep! So amazing! They really do deserve all the hype that they get! I'll def have to try out all their drug store products now! I think I'll have to try out the Cle de Peau stuff too.... which is weird because isn't it more expensive than the actual Shiseido products...? D: But yea, they must be good stuff too if they're under Shiseido. Don't mock my immature ways of thinking yo! I researched it too~ :p

But still man, like OMG. Oh my god. For serious. Oh my god. LOVE! <3