Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Glitzy Orange Mini Tutorial!

I did my nails today! :'D

I'm a huge fan of nail art and I like doing it whenever I have free time~ <3 I'm in no way a professional though. D: This design was actually found somewhere on the land of Youtube a long time ago.... sorry I forgot where.... :( But I in no way take any credit for the design. I just like it. c:
Anywho, here's my nail design for this week:

It's really simple to do and who doesn't love bling on their nails?! <3 You can also dress this design up or down depending on the base color you use! For example, a nice pastel blue or a dark navy blue give different moods. Just use the color you feel like using! It will work with almost any color~ c: Here's what you'll need: 

1. Essie - Meet me at sunset
2. China Glaze - Techno (or any nail polish with thick glitters)
3. A toothpick
4. Nail polish remover to help clean up your nails afterwards c:
5. Base coat + Top coat (I don't have any right now.... D: )

Okay, so here's what you do!

1. I would recommend starting off with a base coat first to help protect your nails from the colors seeping into your nails and damaging them; however, I don't have any on me at the moment since I'm abroad.... but try to not skip this step! Yea....

2. After the base coat is dry, add about 1-2 coats of the red-orangey color on your nails. Add just enough to make it opaque. You don't want to cake it on too much on since it might get messy with the glitters. :p

3. Add a top coat to help protect your nails in case you mess up this next part, but again, I skipped this. It's just an extra precaution if you're less experienced with placing glitters on your nails.

4. This is where it gets a little long and tedious... -_- It took me about an hour to finish all my nails, but patience pays off in the end right? Right?! D: So yea, open the nail polish with the glitters on it. Using the toothpick, pick up a SINGLE glitter (this is why you want a big, chunky glitter polish, or you could use a top coat as the sticky part and single loose glitters) and place it near the base of the nails. I find it easiest to try to pick up the glitters in the area of the end of the brush; use the toothpick to swipe downwards. You should end up with a glitter on your toothpick. Next, use the toothpick to move the glitter into the right spot if you didn't place it right in the first time. I end up doing this a lot since I don't have the steadiest of hands.... >w<;; This is why you don't want to to cake on the polish. If you're hella impatient like me (LOL, wasn't I just talking about being patient? ;D) I like to start the nail art part even before everything has dried.... therefore, if you move the glitter, it might drag the polish under it.... making it look ugly.... D: Yea.... so try not to do that. D;

5. Continue to place the glitters in a uniform pattern near the top of the nail bed for each hand.

6. After you're done with all hands, just add a top coat, let dry, and admire your pretty nails~! :'DD

Sorry. ><;;