Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mask Haul + OOTD

Hey~! I hope you guys remembered to get your free cone from Ben & Jerry's today!! It was major yums! <3 We stood in line for an hour for the ice cream though... but I think it was totally worth it~! I got Clusterpuff! So good. It was really peanut-buttery. <3 I totally recommend it if you ever go~

Anyone! Since my friends and I went to Vivo for our free ice cream, we decided to stop by Sasa for a bit! I'll tell you a secret... I'm totally addicted to Sasa.... D: Someone help me.... T_____T I can't help but spend money there! I never leave empty-handed~ ><;; So yea, I've also been addicted to masks lately as well... if you couldn't tell from my major haulage of them. :p I was always into the clay masks before, but after coming to Singapore, I've totally fallen in love with the sheet masks! They're so refreshing! It's like a special treat to myself. ;)

Ok, so now to the haul. The first set was actually bought a couple weeks ago when Sasa was still having their 6 for $10 deal at the Sasa in Holland Village.

From left to right::
1. Sophie Monk's Little Twin Stars Mineral Diamond Brightening Mask - $1.95 SGD
2. Secret Diary Green Tea Mask - $1.95 SGD
3. Dr. Brightening Ampoule Mask Sheet - $1.95 SGD
4. Tea Tress Mask Pack - $3.90 SGD
5. Naisture's Lovely Strawberry Mask - $3.90 SGD
(I decided to list the original prices just in case you want to try them too! But I TOTALLY recommend waiting and buying them when they go on sale!! Who doesn't love a good sale? <3 )

I actually had another mask, the Secret Diary Tomato mask (the red one), but I already used it and forgot to take a picture. ... :p I actually don't recommend that mask... it really didn't work that well and left my skin feeling really sticky. The formula kept dripping off the mask as well after I put it on. :( The Little Twins Stars mask is a re-purchase and I really like it so far, but I think I want to give it more time before I decide how well it works. The rest were just the more expensive masks (about $3-4 SGD) so I just picked those to get my monies worth! Kekekekekeke~ ;DD I'll do a full review on my hits/ misses for these masks later once I get around to using them, but for now I really recommend the Little Twin Star Masks~! <3

More haulage:

Items shown:

1. Silk Whita Sporalygodll Whitening Slimy Mask (5 sheets, 2 packs) - $20.90 SGD ea.
2. My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask (10 sheets) - $14.50 SGD
3. Sexy Look, Gem Peptide Brightening Mask (5 sheets) - $8.80 SGD

I have already tried the Sexy Look Mask, but again, I want to use it for a little bit longer before I do a review... BUT I totally LOVED it when I used it for the first time!! This one definitely needs to be reviewed! No wonder it's so raved about!! I also purchased the Strawberry mask from My Beauty Diary. If you're also addicted to Youtube, you'd know how much this brand is raved about~ So I decided to see what all the hype was about~ I know the Black Pearl is one of the more raved about masks, but I decided to go with the Strawberry one because it's supposed to help with oil control and shrinking pores... which I really need.... >///////<;; If I like this one, I might go ahead and purchase the Apple one as well because it's also supposed to help with oil control and things like that. I also think that these masks are really affordable because if you do the math, that's only about $1.50 a mask, which isn't bad if you ask me. c: I've also been seeing a lot of hype about the Silk Whita masks as well, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy those as well..... Kinda expensive compared to the My Beauty Diary Masks, but if it works well, it'll be worth it. c: Normally I wouldn't buy too packs when I'm just trying a brand out... but these were buy one get one free, so I had to get two to make the money worth it... So expensive if it wasn't one sale! D;

Ok! On a random note~! I also dyed my hair recently using the Liese Bubbly Hair Dye. I used the color "Antique Rose" because I like having the red undertones in my hair~! c: You'll see in my OOTD that the color didn't last long though.... I know that reds normally don't last too long... but this lasted only about a couple days before it went away... and the red was REALLY subtle. I even left the dye on for the full 30 minutes to ensure that it would lighten up my hair most. :( It couldn't even cover my bleached ends which were noticeably lighter.... I don't know, maybe my hair was just too dark or something, but I wouldn't recommend this color if you're trying out this brand. :(

OK! Finally to the OOTD~! This is like a super long post now so I'll keep it short~ :p It's just a really casual white and tan themed outfit that I wore to class today. c: I didn't bring much jewelry to Singapore, so I normally don't wear any on a daily basis, so no arm candy or anything for me. ;( I only stick with a hair tie on the right arm and a watch on the left arm... ;D But not pictured because I just recently got a new watch and threw away my old one because it was cheap and was starting to rust... yucky.... D:

As always, sorry my room is such a mess~ :p Whaleeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
Sheepy out! <33