Thursday, May 24, 2012

Neon Green OOTD

So a while back, I bought this one Hello Kitty Neon green crop top from Forever 21. Hello Kitty owns my soul so I had to buy it even though I didn't have time to try it on in the store... and when I finally got around to trying it out... it turns out that the shirt is wayyyy to big for me! D: So, in conclusion, I've had a terrible time trying to style this shirt! D: But here's what I've come up for today:

(taken with le iphone! Don't you love my new case! ;D<333)

I'm a little too lazy to style my hair too much, so this is how I normally style it after I had it cut about a month ago now. c: This base of this outfit is a black dress that I got at the Goodmorning City mall at the Dongdaemun station in Korea. It's one of those locally owned stores. I actually intended for this dress to go under some of my clothes like a black slip, but here I just made it the centerpiece for some reason. I have wayyyyy too many black dresses if you ask me. I'm always a fan of black dresses! <33

Over the black dress I threw that Hello Kitty cropped top that I was talking about. Because the top is so large and I wanted to add some more visual interest to the outfit, I paired it with a waist belt I got in Japan at a local thrift store in Chiba. By tucking in the front part of the shirt I sorta get an asymmetrical hem I guess that I like. I don't know, I just thought it looked better that way. Also, because it's so bulky because I've tucked in the shirt, it makes the outfit a little more casual too I think. Well, my casual has always been a little off anyways but whatever~ ;D

As for accessories... they're still mostly in storage at my uncles place! ;D I didn't buy much jewelry while abroad for some reason... and if I did, they were either earrings or necklaces.... not any bracelets... ALSO, sadly my black watch broke, and I lost my black hair tie on the plane back to Cleveland.... T_____T Oh wells. I've paired the outfit with a pair of green flats from Target because I forgot to pack my black ones when leaving Japan because we were in such a rush... so I need to find me another pair of black flats... but for now, I'm rocking a pair of green flats with a black cross-body bag from Coach. The picture also has a close-up of my waist belt which is made of patent leather and has a lovely bow design in the front! I love bows~ <3
Hehe. My panda decided to join the picture! ;D I was rushing off to work so I didn't have any time to make the layout better but whatever~ ;p

So recap! Here's a list of everything I'm wearing~! Ps. It's all pretty cheap! Yayyyy! ;)<3

Black dress - Korea (about $5 USD)
Hello Kitty Crop Top - Forever 21 (I forgot, maybe around $13-15 USD)
Black Belt - Japan Thrift shop ($3 USD)
Green Shoes - Target ($10-12)
Coach Cross-body Bag - Macy's (??)
Mr. Panda - Priceless <33