Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Haircut!

Hehehe~ so on Day 1 (April 30th) in Korea, my friend and I went to HongDae and got our hair done! We spent about an hour trying to find the salon, Juno, which I heard about from Eat Your Kimchi. So yea, it was kinda hard to find. My advice is to exit the HongDae station at exit 9 I think. Go straight and then turn left once you reach the busy street. Believe me, you will know which one is the busy street. I'm pretty sure it was the first intersection we reached after leaving the station as well. Try to cross the street since the hair salon will be on the right side. You go past a Holika Holika (I remember because I asked for directions there) and a Mr. Donuts on the right street (you want to be on this street). There will be a Mr. Pizza on the left. Keep going past Ho bar. The next building, on the 3rd or 2nd floor is where Juno Hair salon will be! You'll be able to see the name from the window. It's around this area:

(stolen from my friend Anna's facebook~ hehe~~ Unfortunatly, I'm a complete idiot and forgot to bring my camera battery with me back to Ohio and my laptop doesn't have a micro SD slot, so I have no photos on me..... I'll figure it out later -n-;;)

Ok, so my review of the salon is's a pretty good salon! I'd give it maybe a 3.75/5 stars. AND I got my hair washed, cut, and styled for 25000 won (about $22 USD)!! SO cheap compared to what's available around me! The  people were really nice, and imo, the male hair assistant that washed my hair was super cute~ As for language barriers, they all mostly spoke English, so it was ok... but unfortunately, the only one who couldn't understand English was my stylist... -_-;; (so I had to dock some points for that....) so I just picked a haircut from a picture and they did it from that. Not bad~ They have some mad skills. Hehe, and it didn't even take that long! I also really liked how they didn't cut your hair dry like in Singapore.... Those people are just stupid! Don't they know doing that will cause more breakage! D: Also~ while you're waiting, they give you some sort of healthy ginseng juice and some cookies so it was nice~
(They gave you a business card as well. I thought that was cute.)

So for my haircut! Here's a before with my buddy Anna~ :D

And after:

I really liked how they styled my hair the best~ I wish I could learn to do something like that. It was all styled using a blow dryer and a round brush.... so I guess I'll have to buy those in the future.... o:

So what do you think? I think not bad right~ Overall, if you're in the HongDae area (which I absolutely LOVE! They set up like a night market at night and they have a bunch of neat stores! This is the normally university/ college going youngster area I think because a major uni is nearby~ So yea! Make sure to visit this area if you have the chance!!! AND make sure to budget enough time! I know we didn't have nearly enough time to check out everything. So sad. :c ) I would definitely recommend this salon!

Afterward, my friend cut my bangs because they were dying their hair in Japan and I wanted to do something tooo~ kakakakaka~ I was trying to look Japanese. Lol. :p
(Taken with my iphone~! LOL. I realized that my outfit looks really similar to the other one! ;D But this black dress was short, had a bow, and was A line. The other one, when I was getting my hair done was a simple black asymmetrical cut dress.)

Ciao~ <3