Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Worried for nothing!

Well maybe not, but here I am! Back in the states! Back in Ohio! Back at Case.... T_____T Back to reality. Time for work, studying, grad school applications, and another long summer..... whoever said summers were just for fun were crazy! So much you have to do to prepare for the fall. I'm expecting for the worst, but hoping for the best. I'll be back with my Korea and Japan haul soon! And believe me... I hauled a LOT. A LOT. ;) Unfortunately, I left about half of my haul back in Seattle with my parents, though, because I had to lessen up my luggage weight... (and I was still almost over.... -_-) I also chucked out a lot of the pretty packing so sorry about that, but I'll try to do my best with what I can~

Preview of a portion of my Korea haul:
Note this is only a PART of my Korea haul~ LOL. I kinda went a little crazy in Myungdong. <3 Best place ever! Evidence of my craziness~

Yea.... it got really heavy....

My wallet is emptyyyyyy~ Wahhhhhhh~~

And of course, of my experience in both countries will be blogged about as well~
Oh the days to come~
Kekekekekeke~ <3

I missed you blog! c;<3

Here's a little something first! I'm just a kid in an old person's body~ This was taken in Tokyo Disneyland. I just love Piglet! ;D Sadly, I thought Hello Kitty land was here too, but turns out that was in Universal Studios Japan.... Waeeeeeeeeeeee! T_____T

Please note all these pictures were stolen from my friend, V2's facebook account! I didn't take any of these. :o