Sunday, June 3, 2012

Japanese Girl OOTD

Okay. So I didn't really wear this today... but I like this outfit so much I thought I'd upload this~! ALSO. Don't wanna study.... hehehehehheheh ><;; This outfit is a Japanese girl inspired outfit and was worn whilst I was roaming around in Japan! :D I was so jelly of all those cute Japanese girls who always seem to have perfect hair.... so I tried to dress up like one too! Lol.... Massive fail though.... ><;;

Here tit tis~ <3

I'm styling this super cute dress that I found in a small store in Ueno. I don't remember the store name though. But it's in the area near the subway station. There is also supposed to be a really good second hand store nearby that my one friend visited before... but we couldn't find it again.... :'( The dress gives a super girly feel because of the floral print and light dim gray background. The hem is embellished with a lace, crochet detailing that is really in for this season. I personally have a weakness for lace as well~ ><

I'm also wearing thigh-high socks for a 300 Yen store in Chiba. Sorry for my terrible memory, but it was on the second floor of a mall, near a university that my friend goes to. Knee high socks are REALLY popular in Japan apparently.... when I was in Tokyo... SO MANY people were wearing them! OMG. SO POPULAR! So I need them too... kakakaka must fit in~ <3 Also, I know you might say that they're not really thigh high... but they kept falling on me because I have kinda skinny legs... u jelly? ;)

For my purse, this is a really vintage-y purse that I was really happy to find in a second hand store in Chiba. It's the same store that I bought the black belt at. I really wish I had more time to shop around there! It's SUCH a nice place, with a bunch of really good finds! This was actually the same price as the belt! SUCH A GREAT DEAL! I had to have it! <3333

Not much arm candy. Just a hair tie with a bow on it and a watch. SADLY. The watch broke... :( I think it got caught one too many times when I was wheeling my luggage around in Tokyo. T_____T The worst part about it was that that watch was like the perfect size for my tiny wrists! It's SO hard to find good watches these days. :(

Lol. Yea, I wore this on the day we went to Osaka. It was kinda chilly so I put on my gray and white cardi I had from America. It's from Macy's from a brand called Pink Rose. My taupe heels are from Famous Footwear by Hot Kiss. My glasses were bothering my bar so I pinned my hair up to the side. LOL. And viola~ My OOTD Japanese style! ;D Ps. No photoshop on anything~ you jelly of my legs? Puwahahahaha~ jk~ ;)

Japanese Dress - Store in Ueno (1900 Yen)
White Bag - Store in Chiba (300 Yen)
Knee High socks - 300 Yen store in Chiba (300 Yen)
Cardi - Macy's ($20 USD)
Black Hair Tie - Chameleon ($1.50 SGD)