Tuesday, June 12, 2012

S e o u l Part 1

OK! So I'm finally going to try to recap what happened for you guys and for my memories~ Such a good idea to do this like a little over a month later.... -____- Also, in order to not make this post too long I'll break it up into Days 1-2 and Days 3-5. c:

We left Singapore on April 29th I remember. It was the day after my last final so I didn't have much time to pack. Especially because we left right after lunch to the airport on the 29th.

We arrived in Korea on the 30th. The flight was kinda terrible. It gets really cold up there in the sky and it was overnight too so even colder T____T. Whatever, it was cheap and that's all I cared about. Must save monies yo! ;D Well we arrived Incheon International Airport at around 6AM and we were dead tired. We had to walk about 10 minutes to reach the main terminal and get our luggage. After exiting the luggage area, we had to take an airport shuttle bus to our hotel because apparently we didn't have airport transfer... even though the freaking website says that it does! LOOK!
SEE! A big check mark next to airport transfer!! IT LIED! :x But we were too nice to correct them... pooooooo, I'm too nice.... T___T So anywho, we paid about 14000 won to get to the Holiday Inn Seoul Seongbuk. (Yup! We staying at the Holiday Inn~ It was about $50 SGD a night for 3 people in a double room.) The bus ride was fine, the seats were like mini couches and could go all the way back, so we had a nice nap. It  ended up dropping us off by it right across the street from the Holiday Inn. All in all, it took us about 2 hours to reach our hotel, but that's reasonable since downtown Seoul is kinda far away from the airport. Once inside the hotel, though, we had to wait another hour before we could check in because we arrived there really early, like 8AM, and check-in is around 12PM. Luckily, after they saw us crashing... hard.... on their couches, they upgraded us to a business class room (we were originally standard!) and let us check in at around 9AM. The only downside was that we had a male in our room so we were kinda counting on getting 2 single beds... but whatever... ><;; He slept on the couch. ;)The hotel kinda does its ups and downs though, it's a little far away from a the train station. We had to take a bus (about 1 won, 7211 or 1233) to go to the Gireum bus station and then take the Seoul mrt to go anywhere we want in Seoul. Unfortunately, my friend told me that the taxis in Seoul are pretty cheap so we could have taken that too... but we didn't know... :( The ups are that there are some nice cafes/ stores around the hotel (although we didn't explore it too much) and that there is a shuttle service to DongDaemun and Myuengdong provided by the hotel for free. Also, the rooms and service were really nice~ ;) The soaps there sucked though! Smelled too much like soap for men. -_-

Day 1 (May 30): HongDae
 We slept in till 3pm, and then headed off to HongDae to get our hair did (which you can read about in a previous post) After getting our hair did, we went to get some late night dinner at Mr. Pizza~! OMG. We just had to get some 2PM Pizza! We ended up getting the Nickhun one! Hehe! It was pretty good! The toppings are pretty different from the American ones if you ask me.

 After that we took back some left overs (which they wrapped oh so nicely!) and did a little shopping in the HongDae area! I said it before and I'll say it again. This place is really nice! c: It's filled with so many small, boutique-y shops! We went bow crazy and bought like 5 hair bows each. LOL. They're SO cheap in Korea! We also ended up buying matching T-shirts because it was buy one get one or something. I'll show it later in a haul. Mine was a lovely peachy color and hers was a true blue color! So cute! Some pictures of HongDae:

After that we just went back to the hotel to pick up our friend and crash for the night. The next day would be big shopping day! We went to MYEONGDONG! OMG that place is AMAZING!

Day 2 (May 2): MyeongDong
We woke up earlish to get some major shopping done in MyeongDong by taking the hotel shuttle! It was bunches of fun! This place is every Asian girl's dreams! Every cosmetic brand had like 5 locations (Etude, Face Shop, Skinfood, Aritaum, etc) and there were malls, cafes, street vendors, and more clothing shops! AMAZING! I bought SO MUCH skincare!! I seriously went crazy! The best part was that most store people knew more than 1 language (like Chinese, Japanese, some English) so it was easier to communicate with them.

Anyways! First, we grabbed some lunch at the Lilac cafe! It was a cute place and the food wasn't that bad. They were terrible with English though so it was kinda bad, though, but whatever. Good food. We had a Chicken stuffed bread thing (SO GOOD!) and a fresh Turkey sandwich that we shared between the 3 of us.

So after the snacking... all hell broke loose. Kakakakaka. We took all the pictures with the celebrity cardboard cutouts (here are only a couple :p)

 We ate all the street foods (ok, only some of it, but whatever. Must not get fat. Hehe. We also dropped by Red Mango and got some Green Tea dessert. I don't remember what it was called, but boy was it good! <3

Hehe. I wonder what they would say if they knew I was posting them online! Take that! >:D

 I got lost in the make-up and skincare~! But you'll find out about that later! The only clothing item that I bought here was a rabbit hoodie... kekekeke~ so Fobby but whatever! ;D

After MyeongDong we went to DongDaemun for dinner! We found a small soup/ BBQ place nearby the exit and ate there. Anna and I had soup while V2 had some Bibimbap.We also had some more street food but I look bad in those pictures~ :p

After dinner, we set off to try to find the Namdaemun night market.... but kinda failed.... T_____T I don't wanna talk about it, but SOMEONE (not naming names, but she was being a little bit of a bossy bitch that night) kept saying that I was wrong that it wasn't open that night and that we should just leave because she was tired! WELL. I was NOT wrong. I looked it up! It should be open on Tuesday! We just went out the wrong exit (we had no idea where to go because our group leader V2 fails :x) and were just a little lost! But I REALLY wanted to go! It's supposed to have some of the best street food! OMG. I was SO MAD! But whatever. I get over it. -_____- hmph. We ended up going to the market nearby and just buying some late night snacks from there. SO MAD. OMG. But this is vacation, and you can't let these little things get you down. c:

-end of part 1-