Friday, July 27, 2012

Almost Vintage OOTD

And I say that because I stoled the skirt from my mother. Hehe~!

Centerpiece of this outfit! The retro skirt! :D
Normally, I would wear the skirt as a strapless dress, but after coming back from exchange, my friends have totally gotten me into maxi skirts! I'm kinda short (5'1) so I need to show a little more leg, so I turned the skirt into a waist skirt using safety pins and folded it at the waist until the desired length to be more of a knee length skirt! Sometimes I'll go with a midi-skirt length when I feel like it~

Hope you like! :D

Skirt - Mom's closet (Priceless)
Top - Forever 21 ($9 USD)
Belt - eBay ($3 USD)

PS. Sorry my hair's a mess~ I was too lazy to straighten it so this is how it looks in the morning if I showered last night. Thank you straight perm (ie rebounding)~! <3 Also, did you know that because my hair is short, even if you rebound (which cost me like $280 SGD no joke) it won't be completely straight because there isn't even weight on your hair! D: WTF. But I don't mind as long as it curls in the right direction... ><;;

PPS. Y was it so hot yesterday?! D:
I really need aircon now. T____T unfortunately my summer housing doesn't have it..... :(
# Firstworldproblems

PPPS. Lookit that nose..... o:

PPPPS. I really want to buy more maxi skirts that I can actually wear as maxi skirts and not make into some midi or knee length skirts. T__T Y I so short? .....