Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hair Care Collective Haul

Hey guys! I FINALLY FINISHED MY PCAT!!! And to celebrate, I've been hauling like some crazy lady! I've actually purchased a lot of make-up and stuff like that. And I know I still need to do my haul from Korea and Japan.... and junk like that... but I'm working on it!

Anyways! On to the haul!
Sorry about all the photo edits. I like going a little crazy with my Iphone.... Hehehehehehe :p
Starting off with my Japanese hair care haul! Ok! So remember I said that Japanese people have AMAZING HAIR! Like legit. It's like perfect. All. The. Time. So I had to get some hair care products! I was running a little out of money at the time so I didn't haul too much unfortunately.... next time.... :x

The haul includes two things from Shiseido (a dry shampoo and a conditioner/ treatment) and two hair waxes from Lucido. You guys know how much I love Shiseido right? ;D And not to mention I'm still in the search for a new dry shampoo HG (so far I really like Batiste the best <3) This Shiseido brand Dry Shampoo (~ $8 USD) is really different from most dry shampoo's out there! The consistency is more a liquid spray instead of a powdery spray, in which the powders absorb the oil. I don't know why, but I feel like this might be closer to those dry shampoos that you find in hospitals or something. Anyways. It's not too bad of a dry shampoo. But it's definitely not "dry". The liquid can wet the hair, so it's like a shower in a bottle! But I feel like when it dries, it does help to make your hair feel and look fresher. Most of the powdery ones may make your hair look fresher, but the hair still seems to be weighed down and stuff and not feel so clean. So I quite like this dry shampoo. You can feel it tingle when you use it too! So cool! :'D Only problem is, I doubt I can find this anywhere in America.... :(

The next thing is the Shiseido Air Feel Conditioner/ Treatment from the Ma Cherie line. This I purchased at the Akiba store in Akihabara (along with the 2 hair waxes). The best part about that store is that it's made to be for international customers so international ATM, can use credit card no worries, English speakers, etc. Love it! <3 Anyways, I haven't really tried the treatment yet, though; so I can't give a good review on it. The reason being is that the conditioner was pretty pricey. 1130 Yen (~ $14 USD) for 180 mL of product. Oh man. But let me tell you. The packaging is SO PRETTY! The medium pink and the gold and black go so well together! And if I had enough room in my suitcase (or weight I should say :( ), I would have bought the shampoo and conditioner too because those bottles were just TOO CUTE! Let me tell you, packaging really does sell the product. But the best part is, THIS STUFF SMELLS AMAZING. It obviously smells fruity (like cherries) but in a more, elegant and refined way if you know what I mean. You just have to smell it for yourself. But it really does smell like so good. If they made a perfume for this, I would buy it in an instant! ALSO. It really seems to be heavily fragranced so I have high hopes for this. Like even the area around the bottle smells like the perfume in the treatment! So good!

Finally, I purchased 2 Lucido waxes: Nuance (4) and Volume (6) which are both hard waxes for ~$5-6 USD I think. I have a picture showing the consistency to the right. You can see it's pretty gummy. I mostly got these again for the packaging but also because these waxes actually smell nice. My friend bought the ones from Kanebo (?) I believe and they didn't smell too good so I didn't want to buy those. >< I haven't tried these yet so I can't say how well they worked. It's just too pretty I don't wanna open them. T____T

Ok! Now on to all the stuff I've been hauling from Target! Starting from the first (top left) picture, I have the Flat Iron Protectant from Garnier ($3.49 Target) and the Thermal Creations Heat Protectant from Treseme ($3.99 Target) and a Keratin Dry Shampoo from Sauve ($2.74 Walmart). Let me tell you now, The new dry shampoo from Sauve smells like it's for old ladies!!! Not good at all. :( You know how fruity and amazing smell the original one smells? This is like the complete opposite and I hate it! It seems to work about the same though, so imho, I'd rather use the original one. Also, The Flat Iron Heat Protectant from Garnier is pretty crappy as well. The instructions say to spray part of your hair and then flat iron immediately afterward (ie don't let it dry) so I did that and it totally still let my ends fry.... but it does smell good.... but it sucks.... so I went ahead and bought the one from Treseme again because I've bought it before and it works pretty well. I'm trying to take better care of my hair so I always make sure to use heat protectant!

Next are some new shampoos and conditioners. I bought the EverStrong set from Loreal ($11 set, Target+coupon). The scent from this line is really revitalizing and refreshing. I quite like it. The conditioner is very similar, in my opinion, to the Stress Relief line from Bath and Body works except less musky. As for the strengthening part, I don't know how well that's doing for my hair because I still get lots of fall out. The conditioner keeps my hair soft, though, so it's not bad I guess. But it's definitely not great. Maybe around the same lines as Pantene ones? I also bought the Nourish and Shine Shampoo and the Nourish and Strengthen Conditioner from Aveeno ($10 set, Target). You guys know how much I like the Nourish and moisturize set right! So when I saw that they were having a sale ($2 off the set), I had to jump on it! Plus, I like to switch up my shampoos and conditioners so on some days I use Loreal, and on other days I use Aveeno. Whatever fits my mood. Again, although it does seem to moisturize really well, I haven't noticed much strengthening of my hair (even with the Everstrong set?! D: ) but my hair is a little more shiny I guess. Not too drastic of a change, though. It's not like, "WOW SO SHINY!" More like. Hey, my hair's not as dull as it used to be shiny. But again, not bad. It makes my hair really soft and that's mostly what I ask for. <3

Thirdly, I picked up the Medium Brown with Reddish Undertones Foam Hair Color System from Nice and Easy. I mostly bought this because it was on sale again ($7.99, Target) and my bleached ends are showing through again.... damn you sunlight and bleaching my hair!!! >:( Note to self, if you have bleached hair (or maybe lighter hairs idk) the sun will lighten your hair! You just have to stand in it all day! No added chemicals needed! WTF. It mostly just brings out the bleach in my ends though.... -____-) Anywho, I like the Foam hair dyes because they're quite easy to do and require much less effort than the normal ones. I'm still not confident enough to use the regular ones, so for now I'll just keep using the foaming ones. If you're a beginner at dying your hair, I'd really recommend this type! And I've used this brand in the past so I have confidence in their quality as well.

Finally! I have an Aveeno Nourish and Condition Leave in Hair Treatment ($5.99, Target) and the Coconut Milk Split End Remedy from Organix ($.7.99, Target). Need I say more for my love of Aveeno? <3 And the Coconut milk serum smells really good! I've only used it twice so I can't say how well it works yet though. But I do have killer split ends..... save me! D;

That's it for now! I hope you liked it! And be sure to check out my post on hair conditioners!

Sheepy out~! <3

PS. OMFG. I'm in love with Gangnam Style from Psy recently! Go check it out!
Oppan Gangam style~ <333