Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Ok. I know it's been a while since I posted something... (or at least to me it has...) BUT. I do have plans! Really! Why you no belieber me?! T____T

So I've been meaning to do the following:

1. Part 2 of Seoul Trip
2. Julep Maven Nail Polish Review
3. Parts 1/2 of Japan Trip
4. Hauling (I haul like crazy man! But I wanted to do Haircare, Cosmetic hauls (ie 2))
5. Skincare routine
6. More OOTD ><

But alas.... I'm too bogged down studying for Pysch class and my PCAT (which isn't looking good... OTL OTL OTL;; someone save me OTL. I phail at life OTL... orz;; )

So here's some pictures of Top and Gaho to make it up. I'll try to get something up by the 4th of July! Peace out guys~! <3

Man, I can never get enough of Big Bang or Gaho. Cutest puppy ever! ;D
Not so cute now.... but whateves, his owner is still some sexy hot sauce. ;///)

ALSO, To all my American's out there! Happy Independence Day!!! One day early~! <333

Ps. Super Junior, Sexy, Free, and Single is hot stuff man. Yesung. You're claiming my heart again. ;)<3