Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend on Lake Erie

Hey there! Wow I've been updating a lot, eh? Still need to those those other posts that I mentioned earlier... but that can wait... :p

This weekend! I spent it with my friends at my one friend's summer home on the lake in Sandusky, Ohio.This is about 1.5 hours away from Cleveland and it's right across the lake from Cedar Point. The main point was just to explore this little home town area, while also going jet-skiing! :D I must say~ the area is super nice and the houses are huge! One day, I want a house with a second floor balcony. AMAZING. SO NICE. FANTASTIC BABY. WOW. One day! That big dark grayish house with a big red door, white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a 2nd floor balcony. Oh baby~ ;)

Also, the jet-skiing was fun! (No pics of me in my bikini please. I don't want you to scrape you eyes out :p ) We went around Cedar Point and back. Those things go fast man. And the faster you go, the more you start to feel like you're flying... D: Someone save me... D: Not too good that I can't swim either... lol but that's what personal flotation devices are for~ kekekekeke~ ;p (Did you know you're not supposed to call them life jackets anymore because they're not guaranteed to save your life? WTF is up with this?! It's like short and vertically challenged.... People these days.... -___- )ALSO. The dock with the jet-skiis is like a breeding ground for snakes..... Yup. We saw some..... omg.....We also played at a nearby beach and just tanned a little... I'm getting darker! Wahhhh! D:

The second day, we antiqued a little on the nearby island, munched on lots of ice cream (which comes cheaply and you get a whole heck of a lot!!! OMG. Bigger than my head = small?! You for serious here?!) and climbed rocks at the lighthouse. Sorry I don't know the name of the lighthouse, but it was a much smaller one anyways. It was a lighthouse park so I'm questioning the authenticity of this lighthouse anyways.... -__-

But fun times nonetheless!
 Us chillaxing on the rocks... until I saw this huge 2in spider next to my crotch.... lord save me..... @w@;; It's really relaxing to watch the tide come in though. I really liked it there.

Photo of le tiny lighthouse.

We finished off the night with watching "The Box"... what do you guys think about that movie?! It's really weird no? And leaves so many open questions.... go watch it and tell me what you think! D: My interpretation is that you know how Zeus is the one who controls lightening right? I personally don't think it's aliens. I think it's God and the Devil. Think of it as God testing us and Noah and the ark as the elimination of us all because we sin too much that it alluded to. Especially because they kept talking about Salvation or damnation. Lol. I'm not even Christian (Buddhist dafuq? :p ). I get this all from D.Gray-man so don't judge me please... ><

Sidenote. Photos taken with Photo360 - Sweety effect on le Iphone!

Sheepy out~ <3