Thursday, August 16, 2012


Oh why hey thur gurlfriend. :p

I got a call from my Mommie yesterday and it turns out that she DOES NOT HAVE BREAST CANCER!!! IT'S A MIRACLE. YET AGAIN THE TUMOR WAS FOUND TO BE BENIGN. I don't know yet if they have to operate on it since she's switching doctors because this one was a tool. Let me tell you, she took an unexpected vacation on Friday which is ok by me. Doctors need some time off too.... but we left a message for her to call us back on Monday. So we waited patiently for Monday and still no call..... wtf?
 We called again in the afternoon because we were getting tired of waiting and she had already left for the day!! WTF MAN. Y U SO HARD TO TRACK DOWN? So we waited till the next day and we finally got our good news. Not cancerous. -still kinda sketch since how can you get two tumors in less than 20 years that are both benign? get on it, there must be some connections between these tumors nowaii- So I'm just happy we have some good news for the day.

Bad news though. I was found out for two-timing my research positions. D: Well not really, one already knew since I told him, but the other one found out today. Surprisingly, he didn't really care about me working two. And I really want to keep working two. But everyone says it might end up being too much for me... so I'll have to cut it down to one.... THE ONLY PROBLEM IS, I DON'T KNOW IF ONE IS ENOUGH FOR ME TO GET ALL THE CREDIT HOURS THAT I NEED. T______T I was waiting for my CHEM BS advisor to come back to campus to discuss it with him before I made any decisions, but he won't be back for another week and school is starting and they've like pressured me to choose.

I know what I'm going to do. Somehow I always knew. My mommie was right, it's not always about the money. So I'm going to choose Dr. Zhang even though I really, REALLY like Dr. Philip's lab as well. I think that they're so similar (expect for the pay)  in what we do and what I get to do, so I'm going to choose Dr. Zhang because I feel more of a loyalty to him. I don't know if that even makes any sense but that's what I'm going to do. I just can't say no to Dr. Zhang. I really wanted to cry today when I was getting scolded for not telling him earlier. But he seemed ok with it. But whatever. I'm rambling.

Also, I got a present from my bosses today. They're so nice. T_____T
I don't like change. But I guess it's necessary.

My post-doc that I work for in Dr. Zhang's lab is going to be on vacation next week and Saturday is my last day at the library so I'm going to have a lot of free time next week. I'm going to email Dr. Philip on Sunday discussing my plans to stop, but I still want to work for that week, and hopefully he'll allow it. We'll see how it goes.