Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Shits going down....

I just got a text from my brother.  The younger one.
Now you know, I'm not really close to my family. I was always the odd one out. Especially because I'm the only daughter and they're two sons. I'm only close with my mom pretty much....
Anywho, it's not often that I get a text from him unless he wants something.
Like money.
Well this wasn't about money.
Just so you know, he's currently residing with my parents in Washington for Summer break before he goes back to college.
I guess my mom had a doctor's appointment today.
They found an abnormality...
When they were giving her a mammogram.
She had a brain tumor before.
It probably developed from this...
You know that metastasis?
Yea I guess that's the cause.
They took a biopsy.
Let's just pray for the best!

Get well soon Mom! Love ya

 (At my little brother's HS graduation. >< )

Ps. What worries me the most is that it all boils down to money.
These parents of mine don't like spending their own money on themselves. They save it for us. I can't help but feel guilty so I buy them stuff a lot. I just hope that this doesn't develop further because we don't have much money. I'm worried about how things will turn out... Especially now that I have to quit my job and start paying for grad school applications. I'm really worried. But I can't help but not worry, their finances are a bit jumbled up :(

EDIT:: Omg. I was just thinking about it. Her doctor's appointment was Tuesday. My Mom called me on Tuesday. I thought it was weird that she called me at this time since I had called her the day before to talk about school and my research jobs. She called me twice during work. But I was at work all day so I couldn't call her back until later at night. I felt bad. Somehow, I had a really strange feeling about this. You know how my Auntie and Grandma died recently? Well my other grannie has Alzheimers and I had a bad feeling that maybe something was wrong with her. But it wasn't. It's my mommie instead. T____T She didn't even tell me over the phone. I had no idea until my brother texted me the next day. Seriously. It makes me feel like shit knowing that she couldn't even tell me herself.... maybe I'm a really bad daughter.... :(