Monday, October 29, 2012

Lol. More hauling... more shoes....

Anyways. I just feel more like posting more on my blog and less on Facebook these days. I really am too much of a loner.... BUT WHATEVER!

Today at work (I work in a research lab now, no more library) we spent like 20 minutes trying to figure out how to highlight something on word for a Mac (desktop version).... Hehe. PC for lyfeeee~!! But we still couldn't figure it out in the end..... we just changed the color of it. ;D I wouldn't think that the Word version on Macs would be that different... but they really are.... D:

My lab is so cute. c:
And the one knows about 6 languages! She was born in China, but her parents are Korean. Then she studied in Japan and now works in America! So she knows Korean, Chinese (Mando), Chinese (her local dialect), Japanese, and English! That's six! And I only know English.... :( I wish I could have learned more when I was younger. Now I know to force my kids into Mando class (even though I'm canto....) when I'm a parent >:D

And we just got a new student on rotation! Yayyyy~! c:

ALSO! Sandy is here! I hope everyone stays safe! :(