Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Fall Boots from EBAY!

Why hello there! I have another little review for you!!
If you're like me, I'm kinda skeptical about buying things online because you never know about the quality or the sizing..... But I recently purchased a new pair of boots from ebay, and I just wanted to write this little post about them~! They were just too good to pass up~ ;)

These shoes are from a brand called MARIA MARE, which I've never heard of before. But I quite like them. ;D I looked it up, and apparently it's pretty big in South America or something?

PRICE: Get this! These boots were $35.00 USD total with tax and shipping!! That's it! So cheap! That's why I had to buy them! This is actually my first time buying shoes from ebay,  but you can actually find some pretty good deals on shoes there! c: Boots are one of my staple shoes for fall, and I was in need of a new pair of brown boots so I just took a chance on these, and I'm glad I did.

STYLE: These boots are a brown color with a lace up detail. I personally love lace up boots. I think its so feminine and cute and I just love it. Very me. Very princess-y! <3 For me, these boots go up to my knees, but I'm 5'1'' so I'm kinda short. They look amazing with skirts, shorts, jeans, anything! You can't really tell from these pictures, but in the one above, you can see that it's not actually a solid color. It has kind of a patchy darker/ lighter pattern which I don't actually like. I'd rather have a solid brown boot, but it's not too noticeable unless you look up close, so I don't mind it much. All hardware is in a goldy-bronzy tone.

HEEL HEIGHT: Around 2-3 inches (medium height) it's just enough to make me look like normal height. hehe :p

SIZING: Because I got these off ebay, there actually weren't too many options for sizing or color for that matter. The smallest size I could find was 6.5 (or 37) which is a little big for me (I normally wear 36 or size 6 in boots) but I thought that it would be okay since I was planning on wearing this with really thick socks and jeans or something like that. However, these are still a little big on me. So I would say that these are pretty true to size, but I can't really judge too well since they are not my true size. ;D But definitely bigger than size 6. :p

COMFORT: These shoes are actually very comfortable to walk in! I actually normally always walk around in heels, so heels don't really bother me. But these chunky, stacked heels make it easier to walk in. The only think that may cause discomfort is the M/M tag (look below!). When I walk around in them, sometimes my legs will brush against each other and I'll scratch myself on the tag... OW. D: But if you wear leggings or pants it should be no problem. c: There is not too much grip on the bottom though, so you'll have to scruff these up a bit before you try to walk on slippery surfaces.

QUALITY: In the listing, it's actually listed as "luxury" brown boots. Hehe. Actually, for the price, I would say that these are pretty good quality boots. About the same quality as boots you would get from Target or something. The stitching is perfect. Everything seems in tack. No problems with the sole or anything. The only thing I have against it is this little spot on the toe area on the right shoe. I don't know what it is, but you can see it above (I marked it with an arrow). I think it's a glue line or something. But its like whatever. Nothing you would notice unless you're really looking for it. ALSO. For the material, it's made of a very thin, floppy type of polyurethane "leather." It's very soft feeling. Not plastic-y or anything. Quite nice.


There are a bunch of really quite detailed touches that just add so much to these boots. As I said before, that tag gets a little annoying when you're walking though. ;D But OMG. I LOVE the inside of these shoes! Look at that pattern!! It's to DIE for! So pretty! So feminine. So vintage. I love it~ <3

PACKAGING: Here's the box it came in! It was actually pretty beat up when it came here, but I'd expect as much coming from China. Not much to say about it, expect super cute, hot pink box. 

Again, I bought these off ebay from the seller findingjewelry. The shipping was ok. Not a bad seller if you want to pick up your own pair. I just can't get over how cheap these boots were. So cute. ;A;

For more info on maria mare, you can visit their website! :D