Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Background checks?

Lol. So I was just thinking... I like having a private/ public diary but sometimes, I wonder just who reads it? Perhaps by chance or perhaps for a super secret agenda? Anyways. For most pharmacy schools, you have to undergo a background check!? I'm a little scared. HEHE. It won't be too hard for them to find this blog because it's listed under the account under my real name. Well because I don't really have any followers, I just write whatever I want. Seriously, anything I want. And I'm a little immature. But I like it. I like writing whatever I want because I want to be the one to look back on those time. To reflect. To grow as a person. That's why I wanted to have a diary. For some reason its easier to have a blog than a diary that I write in. I've tried multiple times in the past, and I always lost interest in it within a few days. But you're different. This blog really means a lot to me. I think it'll be a long until I stop writing in it. Maybe I've changed too. Social activity is too much for me. Though, I have been more social lol.

I know it's wrong to live in the past. But it's not bad to use those experiences to shape your future, is it? It's not bad to cherish those memories. Everytime I think back on how much I hate Case Parking, or all the good times I had in Singapore and my traveling, I feel thankful. I'm thankful to have this life of mine. Sure, it's not perfect. But it's mine. And I'll embrace.

Anyways. I re-drafted some of my more obscure posts. It's ok. It may not have been to long ago. But I reflect. I change. I grow. I want to become a better person.

Also. These days I've been really addicted to watching Running Man. Remember my adorable lab member that knows 6 languages? She said that it was her favorite variety show. So I gave it a second chance... and now I'm hooked. Completely hooked. Stephanie, you need to study more. Please focus.

Also also. He didn't hold the door open for me today. Maybe I was wrong. Should I just let it go? I give up easily. Be more persistent please! >:(

Leaving off with a picture of myself~~~
Can you believe that I have an addiction to buying new make-up but I don't end up using it most of the time. LOL. I'm trying...... At most I'll just put on a bb cream and powder to set.... maybe I should try using a foundation sometime. The Chanel one looks intriguing!

My hair is getting long. I'll need a hair cut soon.... but I kinda want to grow it out? What to do?!