Sunday, November 4, 2012

Casual/ Lazy OOTD

LOL. Ok so midterms are over but my room is still a mess.... whatever!

A really plain, casual outfit. But I thought I'd show you how I style my lovely Timberland knockoff boots! Which are totally in right now. (Or at least in opinion they are! >:D) Funny story, my friends all bought the same shoes when were in this shoe store in Asakusa, Japan. Hehe. They go really well with maxi skirt, shorts, or pants! <3 Adds more of a masculine touch to your outfit. Definitely a different statement for this girly girl!

White Vneck - Aeropostale (~$10)
Gray cardi - Forever 21 (~$25)
Pants - Hollister (~$30)
Belt - Aeropostale (~$10)
Boots - Some shoe store in Japan (~$20)
Scarf - Came with a shirt I bought.... (??)

ALSO. A note on Hollister sizing! I bought these pants recently, in size 0, online.... but I think that I should have gotten a 00. Normally I wear a size 24 (with a belt) for reference. I definitely wear a size 00 in American Eagle (with a belt cause it's still huge...) but a size 0 in Delia's is a little tight? WTF they need to coordinate sizes better please! D: I wore these pants without a belt once and my butt was completely hanging out.... my non-existent butt.... :/