Friday, November 16, 2012

Maybe I over think things sometimes. I do it a lot on exams and I do it a lot in life. I just can't let things be simple can I?

Ok. So the reason is. I think he found out. Not who you think. The jerk. I think he found out about my crush. Worst part is that they got pretty close this year. He better not ruin things for me or I'll be upset! I don't know anymore. Maybe I'm just being paranoid again.....

Also. I just wanted to say a few words about how judgmental girls can really be.... Don't think I don't notice those looks I get. I know I normally like to dress up and it may seem like I put a lot of effort into my looks but it's not true! I spend 10 maybe 15 minutes getting ready in the morning! And 6 of that is like me brushing my teeth and stuff! I'm not high maintenance contrary to popular thought. I'm also not rich. Lol I'm like the farthest away from brig rich. What I am is a shopaholic. But I really only buy what's really cheap. I know the value of things. I know how to get good things for a good price. This does not mean I'm rich by the least. People are crazy for thinking so. You don't know anything about me. Anything at the least. How would you? I don't trust you enough to tell you my super secret thoughts. So stop it. Stop judging me. I'm so different from what you think. I'm poor. I'm lower middle class on a good economic year. I like to dress up because I have really low self esteem. I don't think I'm pretty. I'm incredibly innocent and I hate how sex is changing for the worst. I'm just me. So please just don't judge me :(