Saturday, November 24, 2012

November Yesstyle Haul!

YO! Whaddup my homies~ c:
I come with yet another online shopping haul.... Steffie you need to restrain yourself sometimes.... :/

Anyways. If you didn't know, after coming back from Singapore and Japan, I've been addicted, completely addicted to maxi skirts and the high-low hem theme. It's just so feminine and wonderful and flow-y and I love it. OKAY? I love it! =3= So I took to YesStyle and their Korean Sale to complete my need for more Asian clothes~ hehe~ c:

As I had mentioned before in my YesWalker review, the quality of these brands can be quite shoddy.... So I'll try my best to help steer you in the right direction. c:

First item is of course a MAXI SKIRT from the Korean brand Beccgirl
(Sale price: $14.40 USD // Original price: $18.00)

 Let me tell you, this skirt was a LOT shorter than I thought it would be.... Like I'm short. Barely 5'1 short, and this is pretty short on me. Not bad or anything. Just shorter than I expected. Quality wise, the stitching on the waistband could use some work. It is a little bulky, but nothing that is too bad. Actually, the quality of the overall piece is pretty good in my opinion (4/5). It's made of quite a thick material that will make it not too bad to wear in this fall/winter. c:

It does have a slip skirt that goes down to about a little above the mid-thigh on me. A nice length. But the material isn't very transparent so you don't have to worry about the slip skirt riding up and everyone seeing your panties if that's a huge factor. ;'D

The next item is a LACE COLLARED LONG-SLEEVED TOP from the Korean brand Click. 
(Sale price: $12.00 USD // Original price: $15.00)

This item is actually my second favorite item from the bunch. I've noticed that the material Click uses is VERY THIN. Don't worry, it's not see-through thin, but still pretty thin. So just be warned about that if you were expecting a heavier material. The quality of the lace collar is not too great either. But it is still a cute piece to have in my collection. Collars are very much in this year~ :D Also, the sleeves look really bad when they're down. The length is a little short even on me, so I recommend styling this with the sleeves rolled up fyi.

Next, we have a CHIFFON LONG WRAP SKIRT from the Japanese brand Mignon.
(Original price $15.00 USD)

As you can see in the left picture, there is a slip underneath that goes to about 2-4 inches above the knee.

Sad to say, but this piece really let me down. In the pictures, it looked SO CUTE! But I wouldn't say this is really that true-to-picture. I just have a lot of issues with this piece. The fabric of the skirt is made of a bunch of layers that are very thin and wrinkles pretty easily. It makes it kinda bulky... I know it's supposed to be a "chiffon" material, but it seems like a pretty cheap version of it. I guess it was only $15 so I can't complain too much. The biggest disappointment was how the waist band was sewn. It's like an open band with an elastic drawn through it, if you know what I mean. It has the ability to gather in different areas making it feel really bulky and fat. And it can make you look really hippy because of the added volume around the band.... dislike. :/ But I guess if you wear a belt it'll be less noticable? It's just that it looked so pretty on the model, I'm upset it doesn't resemble that on me. Overall, I wouldn't really recommend this skirt. There are better versions out there. c;

Last thing that I purchased was this DIP BACK DRESS from Click again.
(Sale price: $10.50 USD // Original price: $15.00)

Hehe. If you noticed that my eyes look really small in most of these pictures, that's because they are looking down and right to my phone. LOL. They're still open though WTF. They don't lie about Asians having squinty slit eyes =3=

Ok. So I paid the least for this dress and it is by far, my favorite out of the bunch! Again, the material is thinner than I would have expected, but it is still really cute~! And I was really worried about the "transparent" part in the back of the dress, but don't worry, you still can't see what's underneath~ You can't even see my panties underneath it~! Bet you can't guess what color they are! >:D Unfortunately, the dress does run a little wide so I have to wear it with a belt or I look super fat. :(

I also wore it out the other day~ Here's my quick OOTD! c:

It was my Thanksgiving day outfit! c: I recently purchased that scarf from H&M, too, and I really LOVE how big and fluffy it is! It was on sale for $7.00 USD~ c: 
Leggings and Cardi from Target. Hat from Claire's. Belt stolen from younger brother. And shoes from Famous Footwear.

FINALLY~! For the SHIPPING, I ordered everything on Oct. 27th. It shipped on Oct. 30th. And I just got it this Nov. 21st. Therefore it took about 25 days in total to reach me. I did use Standard Shipping to the USA, but that's kinda excessive if you ask me. :/ Not too pleased with that....

NOTE: Everything was bought with my own money~ I spent around $51.89 in total with a $5.00 coupon from being on their mailing list.