Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Truth

Do you want to know the truth?
I'm a huge slacker....

Hehe I think we all know that.
But actually, I wanted to say that I really appreciate the people that actually read my blog. Whoever you are~! I get so giddy when I see comments! Please comment more! >:D

I found out that I missed some deadlines for my grad school applications.
Strangely enough. I'm not too upset.
I know God has his ways, and maybe me being super lazy is part of his plan? kekekekeke
Excuses excuses.
I've got to try harder......

Also. I drew some new pictures today! I'll only show one~

This was a really simple one that I sketched in Physics class of my actual outfit. Like I said, I love maxi skirts lately. I don't lie ;D I'm also doing point commishes for my friend~ please tell me if you are interested and I'll link off my DA for you~ c:

I've been getting more compliments on my outfits lately. I think others like maxi skirts as well? Teehee~