Friday, December 7, 2012

Peachy Pie

Holy crap! I always find so many bruises on knees!
It's like. "Ow. My leg hurts." Then I check and god forbid, its another bruise.... =n=
I should try to be more careful. D:
Normally it's my knees, but I also have some on my arms. D:
Wahhhhh~ Why meeeee~
I bruise like a peach :'(
But I really don't know how peaches bruise easily.
I like getting my fruity vitamins from milkshakes! >:D
Those are healthy right? D:
The strawberry one~ Yum yum yum~~~

Wow. WHY am I not like 5034932iu4038732 pounds by now? D:
I love you metabolism.... you've been so good to me over these past years. T____T <3

I know I should stop ranting now.
But I have more reviews in the works. ;D<3
Next up! A blush review~ ;D WAIT FOR IT. >:O
Please? D: