Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jewelry Organization Idea

New Year requires organization! You know, like that resolution where you say that you'll be neat and tidy from now on but it all goes to heck after a week? So I organized my necklaces! I got this adorable scarf holder from Bed Bath & Beyond and I just hung my necklaces on it. c: It's like a clothes hanger but for scarves. I'm going to hang it in my closet though~ :D Not all of my necklaces are pictured, some in storage!

Yea. c: Kinda random. But my first grad school interview is tomorrow! I'm trying not to rehearse anything because I just want to let them see the real Steffie. Just trying to be real yo ;) But I'm scared I'm going to get nervous and mess up.... whatever just hope for the best now! 7 hour drive here we come! :'D