Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Years Resolutions!

It's a new year and a new chance to grow~!
Last year at this time I was in Singapore exploring Asia.... I want to go back... :(

But this year, there is much I need to do!
Anyways, the reason that I'm writing this is because I wanted to make my resolutions official to myself.
I have two major concerns:

1. I'm need to stop procrastinating! It's an illness I swear..... D: I just put it off.... and then put it off.... and then the night before I pull an all-nighter to finish my work.... seriously not good for me. :( The bags under my eyes are getting worse! D;

2. I want to go on a no buy! This is basically a period where I just stop buying stuff and use up what I have. I say this because I have an affliction to buying new products. I don't know why.... I just get the urge to buy new toners or lotions or cleansers or anything really. To be honest, after spending so much money on grad school applications, I get frustrated and just splurge and buy a lot for myself. Like why not just keep spending money if you already dug yourself in a hole? Actually when I was writing my previous post, I went to get website to find out the prices since I don't have the receipts on me right now.... and yea... Missha and The Face Shop are having amazing sales..... and I just placed an order from Missha.... Omg I need help. D: SO. I'm going on a no buy. I seriously have like 3 different lotions, 6 different toners, 4 different cleansers, and a bunch of masks..... Yea.... no buy here I come! This also goes for shoes and clothes and anything un-necessary! Stop Shopping Stephanie! >:(

Yea. Those are my two resolutions for this year....