Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Saying Goodbye to my Money....

Hello there! I know I said I was going on a no buy this semester. So that's a no-no to buying any new make-up or shoes or anything for this year (minus business clothes that I may need for interviews). The reason why? Because school is so expensive and I have a problem....

Let me break this down for you.

For my school:

Tuition - $21,000 per semester
Housing (on campus) - $5,000 per semester

For books:
I'm currently enrolled in 20 semester credit hours. Books are actually pretty cheap this semester! c:

Biochemistry - $121.00 (rent)
PChem II - $130.00
PChem Lab - no book
Microbio - $100.00 (rent)
Microbio lab - $25.00 (rent)
Solar Energy Conversion -  no book
Physiology - $62.00

Parking permit:

Lot 46S - $350 per semester (summer, fall, spring)

For my applications:

Pharmcas - 14 schools - $800.00

Wash U - $45
Midwestern (Glendale) - $50
Midwestern (Chicago) - $50
UIC - $60
Cincinnati - $50
Kentucky - $80
Neomed - $50
WSU - $50
Pittsburgh - $65
Drake - $70
Maryland - $45

For interviews:

I currently have been invited to 9 interviews, and denied to 3 schools (because I never turned in a supp app. ><:; Stupid deadlines + my laziness = bad thing)

WSU : Daddie drove me <3 [[WAITLISTED]]
Midwestern (Chicago) : Hotel - $153 (hotel)  + $80 (bus ticket)  + 200 (taxis) [[ACCEPTED]]
Midwestern (Glendale) : $300 (flight) + $90 (hotel) + $30 (taxis) 
Cincinnati :  $80 (bus ticket) + $60 (taxis) [[ACCEPTED]]
NEOMED : $25 (driving gas)
Drake : ?? (might decline)
U Pitt : $25 (bus ticket) + $35 (taxis)
U Maryland : $215 (flight) + (taxis) + $105 (hotel)
U Kentucky : ??

I hope I didn't miss any. D: Still need to finish my apps for Neomed and UIC! Just need to polish off those essays! c:

TOTAL: A bunch of money.... T______T;; (I'll update once I finish purchasing tickets for my interviews)
Yea. Everything just costs so much money.... ;A;
But it's an investment for my future so I guess it's ok! I also have to buy school supplies, but that should only be another like $20 or so so not too much of a problem.

My friend told me to that's its ok to spend money on school just as long as I stop buying my "dumb shoes and hair stuff and other girly crap!" Can you believe that?! Though I have spent A LOT on my hair. For example in Singapore, I got my hair rebounded - $280 SGD (~$230ish USD + card fees). I also got my hair  bleached and colored before - $220 USD (Laura Lee Salon). So yea. Maybe he's right about that. BUT now that I can dye my own hair I think I'll never spend that much on dying my hair again. Freaking reduct. Yea. America ain't as cheap as some people think man! But then again, maybe I just enjoy the finer things in life. Heh... :/D ALSO. Now that all my dead ends have been chopped off by that evil lady, I kinda want to re-dye my hair. I don't know. I think I have a problem. It's finally healthier but I want to make it dead again.... hmmmm. We'll see. I am on my no buy. Maybe if there is an amazing sale or something?

Anyways! Sheepy out~! Chuu~ <3