Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy CNY and Daily Tidbits

Photo: Happy Lunar New Year!

♥ Year of the Snake ♥


Hey guys~! Just for Chinese New Years (or Lunar New Year), I thought I'd share some of our ancient Chinese superstitions with you. Gong Hay Fat Choi to my fellow Cantonese peeps out there~ Just so you know! For the New Years, when cleaning, don't sweep toward/ near the door. You're sweeping away all your good luck for the year if you do that~ ;)

Ok. So this post wasn't really about that. It's more I just want to post tidbits about my day today since it was pretty amazing~! ;) Let's get to it! 

First off... let's just say that I've been hella busy since February started... like super duper I want to cry in a hole busy. I guess I've been a little stressed out too maybe...? Ok. So. This may be a little TMI... but I'm like a little over two weeks late on my period. I know this because I have the iPhone app that tracks your period and it knows all now. Now I know what you're thinking... Steffie are you pregnant?! aklf'kaehjldsJfk'lsJ? D:
But no. GOTTA FIND ME A MAN FIRST. DAMN. The worst part about being late is that I get killer cramps. Like I'm going throw up all over, they hurt so much cramps.... And I get hormonal acne. So like sometime during the week before/ during my period, I get all those crappy ass PMS symptoms (mood swings included~ Bitchy Steffie ain't no lie~ ;) ) but since it's late... I'm just getting those symptoms for a longer period of time....... why me?! T______T WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?! Something like this happened when I was younger, they gave me the HPV shot, and that threw me WAY off track. Like I was going 3 months or 2 weeks between periods. But after I got the final shot, after a year of shit, it got all better.... so yea. I hope this gets better. I also hate always having to be on gaurd for it. Like no white or anything.... I mean, when you get those period stains.... its just so embarrasing so you have to be on guard right? You gotta be careful dawg~ D: I JUST WANT SOME RELIEF T____T CAN'TTAKETHISNOLONGER.

But yea. Enough of those female problems.... (also! have you ever used that excuse, "female troubles", to get out of stuff before?! Works every time~ ;) Buwahahhahahaa~ ) So I've been busy. :( Ok. Anyways, on Mondays, I normally start off my days with PCHEM 2. All that quantum chemistry can suck it. Hate chu... ;x BUT. Really hot Korean Boy is in that class~~~~ YES. THAT HOT KOREAN BOII THAT WAS ORIGINALLY IN MY JAPANESE CLASS... OMG....

[//pause to fangirl]

Best part is that we're homework buddies now~~~ ;) That's right. Goin' get that. But he's so shy. Like last time when we were doing our homework together. He was shaking. Like literally shaking.... :( (not because of the cold either! =3=) Poor baby. I just wanted to give him a hug... but it was getting late and I had a test the next day that I did not study for... Next time I'll take my chance more properly... Ok. I know a lot of people find me intimidating (I know, CRAZY right?! This little Asian girl is scary?! D: I really do have a reputation here at this school. I mean. I think a lot of it has to do with the way I walk, and the way I dress. You've seen my OOTDS, I normally dress a little more up than most normal college kids in sweatpants.... so people judge me because of that. I also walk where I want, when I want, and I expect you to move the eff out of my way when I'm walking. I'm super good at dodging though if you get in my way. Helps to be skinny. I guess my walking is more forceful? Actually, my walk is a little more pronounced I guess? You know, I walk in a line. I think it just look so much cooler when you want in a line right? Like one foot right in front of the other?! No? D: Also, I kinda bounce when I walk too! When I was in High School, I noticed all those girls, their ponytails bounced and swayed when they walked but not with me! D: SO, I actually started to change my walking so that it would move all lovely like~ ;) heh... ok, side story over~~~) so... but I really don't want him to be scared of me. I mean, we talk a lot now, but I guess he's just worried he won't make a good impression on me. My friend said that at least is shows that he cares a lot. Which I guess is true. Just hurry up and ask me out! >:(

BUT. This isn't about that. So normally he wears contacts... and me being a nerd lover...

I love guys that wear glasses. I think it just makes them look 100x more adorable. SO, me, being the not-so-brave girl I am, I told him that he looked cuter with glasses and that he should wear them more often... D: Which was true, he does look more adorable with glasses (he wore them to when we were homeworking together since it was late). WELL. These past few days... I noticed that he ONLY wears glasses~~ ;)


I also know one of his friends... and apparently he also told his friend a little something about me... but....

Yea. That's the progression that I've made with him in the past few weeks... 
OMG. I'm so lame.... T_______T

Whatever. That was just first period. After that, I called U of Pitt because I have another interview there and they never sent me a confirmation email... and got that worked out. Very productive right? I also had another test today in Microbiology class, which went pretty well for me studying 4 hours only/ not reading book/ loving to skip class. Let's just wait for the results but pretty sure I aced that. ;) And don't worry, it's not like one of those, I feel so good about this... then fail type situations. Like I actually knew the answers to the questions. So yea. Thank you amazing short term memory. That's how I'm such a smartie.... ;) So that's two more good things for the day! I didn't fail when I lack sleep and knowledge! Yay! I swear, when you learn all these amazing short cuts in life... you start to abuse them... BUT WHATEVER! ;x

The final good thing that happened to me was that in my next class, some really hot Chinese guy just started talking to me. Well ok, so we were in a group, but still. Don't ruin my moment please~ ;) Let's just say that he just paid a little more attention to me than everyone else in the group. He seems like a nice guy. A grad student. Maybe next time I can ask him to help me with my homework because that class is kinda hard... D: And by "help" I actually mean help... get your mind out of the gutter please~~~ >:o

Yea, so after all of that. I had Microbio Lab, which was whatever. Then hurried home and took a nap and then made and ate dinner. Yummy. 

I just love sleeping~ going to catch up on my severe lack of sleep~ c; Best part is, I'm done with exams for this week! Just presentations, homeworks, and quizzes! Yay...? wait.... D:

Whatever, I'll take what I can get. Sheepy out~! <3
Did you know, when I was in 11th grade, I was addicted to making blinkies like this one! Maybe I should get back into that. I don't know why it's so much fun... but it really is... if you want one! Please tell me~ ;)

Leaving off with the first camho picture I ever took. Hah! My hair was so long back then.