Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Interview Experience at Midwestern University

So this past week, I went to Chicago for my interview with Midwestern university for their Pharm.D program for a doctorate in Pharmacy. I had a lot, a LOT of trouble getting there. Lots of drama with taxis and so forth, but I made it through it so it was ok.... whatever, we forgive... but never forget right? =n=....

You best believe I hold grudges.... Don't mess with this.... :x

Ok. Just kidding.... not really though... -_- ......

Anyways. The interview atmosphere itself was really different from my last interview with Washington State University. It was more chill and calm. At WSU, everyone was so upiddity and in love with pharmacy. It was really an inspiring atmosphere that makes you really excited about going into pharmacy. HOWEVER. Everyone there seems to be older and has more experience as a pharm tech or just in pharmacy in general. This was kinda scary for me since I have neither... D:

But that's what Pharm school is for right? So why do I need to know all of this before hand?

So yea, the interview at Midwestern wasn't so exciting, but I really liked the people that I met there instead. The other students were all really nice, and I actually made some new friends there. Yay! :'D So it felt more comfortable being there since it was the students connecting more together. However, the chances of getting accepted are pretty low... :(

More than 1500 apply, less than 600 get interviewed, and only 215 people are accepted into the program. The program is pretty competitive, but that's mostly because their students normally ALL (like 99%) pass board exams and can become practicing Pharmacists. Which is what you want from a school. That as well as lots of hands-on experience right from the start.

It was a group interview so I was with 4 other people during my interview. As always. I'm only average with talking during interviews. It's harder for me to think up stuff on the spot. It was typical stuff, like what you think Pharmacists are, why you want to be one, why you chose Midwestern, etc. The written sample was also just one of those ethical problems, so not too bad.

Overall, I quite like the atmosphere of Midwestern. There is also nice shopping nearby, and the neighborhood itself that it is located in is really nice. I hope I get in... D: They should get back to me in 2-3 weeks. Argghhhhhhh, the anticipation kills me... T_____T;; (UPDATE: I GOT IN!! if anyone is wondering~)

ALSO. I don't know why, but I'm going to drop in an OOTDS in here. Last week, the weather was crazy, so on Tuesday/ Wednesdays, it was near 60F, so I dressed up cuter. :p

Blazer: H&M ($40 USD)
Dress: Acewin (~$8 USD)
Read about it here, it has kinda shrunk since then so I always have to wear leggings under it. ;D Don't you hate when that happens?! D: Too lazy to take good care of my clothes, though. Whatever, trends come and go anyways =3=
Belt: Stolen from brother (??)
I know. I'm like obsessed with the belt... but I love it! :x
Leggings/ Shoes: Target ($10 USD/ $15 USD)

And as I said, Midwestern had some amazing shopping nearby... so I just had to help myself to some new clothes. Now I know you're thinking... STEFFIE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR NO-BUY?!

WELL. I'm weak... T____T Plus, at least I lasted through all of January. And I mostly only bought business clothes. I picked up a new blazer and a gray dress suit while there. Good for wearing to other interviews. Anyways, this is a dress that I was thinking about buying... I didn't end up picking it up though... Maybe I should have bought it? New shoes as well! :'D I'll feature those in a feature haul! c:
I love anything mustard colored! I think that anything yellow brings out my innate yellow properties as Asian... it's just flattering on my skin tone I think... do you think so too? D':

I know I still have to do that other post... but I'm working on it... I promise... T___T
It's just so cold here I've gotten lazy... Plus 3 exams, 2 homeworks, and 1 quiz this week~ wahhhhh~ D:
Sheepy out~ chu~ <3