Monday, March 4, 2013

Interview Attire - OOTD

Ok. So as you may know, I've been having a lot of Pharmacy School interviews (or PharmD program interviews I should say) to get into the school/ program. Because of this... I had a huge issue about what to wear to these interviews.

Now I know most people wear suits to their interviews.... Guys have it so lucky! All they have to wear are suits and they're all good! :( But noooo~ girls have SO many options! Like what type of suit (pants, skirt) and then there are the types of skirts or pants that you're wearing with it. Then the type of blouse to go with that! And so on and so forth. So yea. Every time I had another interview... I had to figure out what to wear with what little business clothes I have. I mean, I have a lot of business casual clothes, but not many business business clothes. In fact, I only just bought my first suit this past month after one of my interviews...

So here I is what I wore to my last interview....

My blazer lost a button so I wore this with a black cardigan, so it wasn't as formal as it could be, but still pretty formal and also so very cute. I always add that waist belt to these types of outfits where my waist would be lost without it. Having the waist belt also helps to pull off more of a peplum type look (that is so completely in right now!) and elongates the legs by making the waist appear higher. An especially good trick for my fellow short girls out there! c:


Navy blue top (see my banana republic haul) 
Black business skirt - JcPenney $25
Black Peep-toe pumps - Nine West $40

For other days I mostly just wore a nice button up blouse with a business skirt. I only wore a full on suit for one interview, and I don't know... the suit I think is a little big on me... so I only wear it when I really need to. It's not like it looks like it engulfs me or anything... just a little baggier than it should be. So yea... :<

No dress pants for me! I should probably buy some... but I just like skirts so much better. T___T
I also wore some more business casual looks to my interviews (with dresses) which I might style again later~ 

Sheepy out~! <3

PS. I also wore my Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner and it smudged on me! I know I was really nervous and sweaty and gross... but still! I expect an expensive eyeliner not smudge so much.

So much disappoint! >:(