Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mr. Right

Where the hell you hiding?! D:<

But no seriously.
Ok. So you may think I'm a huge flake.
Ok. I am a huge flake.
So capricious~
Yea. Yea. I just used a vocab word. Yea. I know some big words too.
Do you ever just want to learn one big word and just try to drop it whenever possible?
Makes you sound smart though right? ;)
I'm a genius. What up~~

Anywho, Teen Top recently came out with a new song --> Miss Right.
Hence the title.
This post is in dedication to that song becuase I'm so addicted to it. ;A;
It's like yesterday it was Shinee's Dream Girl, now it's this song....
But that one hook, the "la la la la la la~"
It's sooooo catchy. I can't stop listening to this song because I just really love that part. So good~ <3

Also, Niel got a haircut, and looks a lot hotter now. And Chanjo's hair is ugly. :(

Ok. Back to school work.
Sheepy's ranting is over for the day.... I rant too much..... >w>;;