Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pretty/ Cute Boii Spam

Because I love me some spam. c:

He loves Spam too kekekekkeke~ ;D
And I just need to get my mind away from some things. 
My classes are getting hard. My life is getting tougher. But I'll have a skincare review up for you next! ;)
Be strong. Be yourself. Preserve. I will not forgive. It's over. :x

Song Joong Ki (oakmgaleijor'ladsjds'lf ilu ;u; <3)

GD oppa (As always. I'm really biased for his pink hair. It's just so hot. Omo)

alkdfha'lfkjdsklfjds This one is my favorite. Naughty boy LOL ;D

AnCafe (Miku, the guy with the blonde hair, is my favorite. But he's married now :( Damn! D: ) 

Top Combine (Eunsheng, 2nd from the right, is my favorite! ;D Kenny, middle is pretty cute too~)

Hehe. I do not own these photos. Just wanted to shared. Credits to those who deserve it. c: