Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: TheFaceShop Black Head Nose Clay Mask

Why hello m'dear~ I'm back with Mr. Milky to bring you a skincare review! :'D
Isn't Mr. Milky adorable? I never get tired of small stuffed toys~ hah~

Ok! Let's keep this short and sweet~! This is yet another product that I hauled last summer in Korea. c:
Except, this little baby here is a little tough to get your hands on... I really hope they didn't discontinue it... I wish I would have bought more... :(
I literally went to all the stores in Myeongdong looking for it, and I finally find it at some Face Shop, I think in Dongdaemun? This is pretty hyped up too, but I'm here to show you why!

This is the FaceShop, Black Head Ex: Nose Clay Mask, Peel Off Type ($5-$7 USD, I don't remember the actual price sorry.) If you haven't noticed, the FaceShop and SkinFood are my favorite Korean brands for skincare.

So, I have a huge problem with huge pores and blackheads around my nose area. Seriously, most normal nose strips (especially Biore) don't work on me. I don't know why, but not as much gunk doesn't come out.... :(
HOWEVER. This works amazingly well on me. It really helps clear everything out of your pores.

There is 50g of product in each tube. I found that I'm almost out (omg nooooooo~), so that was maybe about 10-12 uses for me? But I like to glob on a lot so that may just be me. Heh~

Because this is a peel off type nose mask, the inside is basically a really sticky, gummy paste. Kind of like a really thick glue that's half dried. It smells a lot like glue too~ kekeke~ It really surprised me at first because this is my first time working with these types of Blackhead treatments (most Westerns just use those strips imho).... and since it's all in Korean... I had no idea about how to use it.... so here's how!

Look at how sticky that is! o:


1. You don't have to, but I like to either steam my face (ie, I like to use this RIGHT after the shower) or use a serum to help open or soften the pores. This allows for better penetration of the product into your pores. Don't use a thick serum or anything though, just a light one to soften it up, not clog them please~

2. Apply a GENEROUS (be sure it's thick! otherwise it won't work as well and it'll be harder to pull it off) to the places where you have lots of blackheads.

3. Allow to dry. (Time will vary depending on how much you added. For me, I give it around 20-25 minutes to FULLY dry~)

4. When peeling, start at the bottom and pull gently UPWARDS. That's right, from the bottom to tp! c: That helps with the removal of those disgusting little black heads from your nose. :( Yucky! D:

Wet (sorry this stuff can get a little messy~ :'p )

Dry (after approximately 20 minutes) It starts to look pretty shiny and glossy when its dried~ c:
Sorry for the color changes. I used a different camera so you could see the details better~

And of course the strip itself~ I've seen better but here it is~ 
I think because it wasn't that long since the last one (which got out a lot~) maybe that's why?
Things never work out when you want to document it does it?! D:< But still not bad~

I freaking love this stuff (It totally gets a check from me! ✓! :D ). Even if you have stubborn blackheads, I found that this works better for ME at removing them. Seriously you guys, this is like Holy Grail stuff. I really, really, really don't get on with normal nose strips, but this works better at getting at those blackheads, and I think it's a little more gentle than traditional black head strips. I would totally recommend this to anyone out there! c: If you were wondering, I did pick up the Volcanic Clay Black Head Nose strips as well (in both the Charcoal and Aloe) to test out, but I still do prefer this to them.

DISCLAIMER: I feel terrible again for doing this again, but I BELIEVE that this has been upgraded to the Volcanic Clay Black Head version....? I don't know if they changed the formula or anything, but here's what the Volcanic Clay version should look like (see below). The problem is that I know that this line has been out for quite some time now (like I said, I did pick up some other products from the line whilst in Korea) but I did not see this anywhere either.... so yea, just for your information... and just in case! c:

Lol. It took me forever to do this because of those darned pictures~ ;D Last time I tried to take pictures my gosh darned guy friend came over early and I had to wash it all off before it was completely dried. :'(
Pfft. Guys~ =n=

PS. I normally only use nose strips about 1-2 a month depending on how lazy I am. My nose is really sensitive to this type of stuff (especially the strips themselves) so if I overdo it, it will start to peel and stuff... bleh. D: Maybe that's why my blackheads are so gross though.... =n=;; Sometimes I will use the blackhead extractor tool... but that takes so much effort~ what we have to do for beauty~ :/

Thanks for reading! Sheepy out~