Saturday, April 20, 2013

SHINee covers Lady Gaga!!

I just discovered this through EatYourKimchi, but HOLY PIECE OF PIE.

Let's just clear things up first, I am not a huge fan of Lady Gaga. I didn't really get the whole "pokerface" fad, but I do think that she's really talented. Her compositions are really catchy and amazing. She's just not my favorite singer out there ok?

But, omg, when I listened to some of these SHINee covers.... it's so freaking amazing I want to cry... ;u;
I'm crying here. So good~ <3
SHINee may be creeping up on my bias list! Sorry B2ST! D:

His voice. His dancing....Omo.... I died ;u; <3333
Key has always been my favorite member of SHINee. I'm so proud of this performance~ and the song really describes him well I think. His English is really good here too! o: The one and only diva~ <3

Words cannot express my feels right now.... ;u;
A slower tempo version of the song~ <3

In case you didn't know, here's the member list!
Key - Shroom cut + Black Outfit
Taemin - Starting dancer + Checkered Outfit
Minho - Guy with pony + White top + Gray pants
Jonghyun - Guy with blonde tips + Gray shirt + Black Pants
Onew - Leader! + Guy with White Pants

Ps. I know that most people say that SHINee lip sync for their covers.... but I don't care. It's still amazing and I love them nonetheless~ =u=

Wow. Normally I hate it when people in other languages try to sing English songs (coughcough4minutecoughWondergirlscoughcough) but they really pull it off! I mean, it's just.... when you can't sing in it/ pronounce English.... you just look really dumb.... I mean, don't get me wrong, I probably suck at singing Korean too, but still.... just stop.... please stop.....

Ok~ Sorry for my SHINee fangirling!
Sheepy out~ <3

PPs. Just throwing this in there too. OMG. I died laughing... when they got to that "take it to the bridge/chorus" part....and Leeteuk's "yeah!" omg, just watch. Just watch. No disappoint here ;DDDD
Super Junior's Leeteuk (my first Kpop bias) + Eunhyuk! c: ==> Eunteuk~! <3