Sunday, May 19, 2013

Congratulations Class of 2013!!!

I graduated from university today!! This is just a simple shout out to my fellow graduates out there!
This is our time to shine. Show them what we are made of.
From a school so focused on medicine or bio-medical engineering, we will change the world.
Nothing can stop us now!
We are the future.
Shine on you guys! We did it!

My parents couldn't make it to this graduation (waiting for me to graduate from Pharm school.... -___-;;) so my two besties are my fake parents of the day! They couldn't graduate this year because they're engineering and went on co-ops! Hah~ Thanks for coming you guise! ;u;

Congrats to all my peers out there. <3

And the shoes:

Better pictures of my outfit for graduation day!! The dress is from H&M ($40 USD) and the shoes are from Target ($16 USD). To complete the look I added a studded belt from Forever 21 ($5 USD). I think the robe was the most expensive part lol ;D I really liked the abstract flower design on the dress and you can't tell, but it has a slight high-low hem on it. c:

Sheepy out! <3