Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello, How are you?

Woohoooooo~! Shopping spree! Someone help me.... ;u;

My name is Steffie.
And I have a shopping problem....

BUT. I have been doing really good on not buying too much shoes/ beauty stuff lately!
Mostly just spending all my monies eating out.....

Now I'm spending all my monies buying shoes...
Stocking up on shoes..... Gah! D':
To all my other shopping addicts out there... I understand your pain. ;A;

LOL. Here's a glimpse of my obsession with shoes:
Omg........ Steffie you have a problem.....
But it's ok because I normally buy my shoes on sale! c:
But this isn't even all of them! I have my winter boots outside my door and my nicer shoes (I only have like 3 pairs of "nicer" shoes that I keep stored away.) Sigh~

Anywho, I've really been into more Japanese style songs lately~
Or more mellow music since it's studying time!!
The one artist I've been loving, her name is Ritsuka!
She's not really an artist, but someone who covers Vocaloid songs! I used to be really into Vocaloid in High School, but it's kind of getting old now, but her voice is just omg amazing!

These two songs have been my favorite:
Ritsuka - Alice
The flow of this song is just SOO nice! I'm addicted. More than shopping? Maybe not. But still amazing~ ;)

Ritsuka - Hello/ How are you?
This one, I'm pretty sure they changed the meaning to make it easier to understand, so it's not a really literal translation so just be careful to all my Japanese understanding peeps out there! This is like my life. I just love songs that you can relate to~! So be that nice person and just go up and ask some lonely person out there, "Hello, How are you?" I'm sure they'd be super grateful! :>

Since it's final exam times good luck with finals! D:
I'm actually graduating from university May 20, 2013, so I'm super scared to be going off into the legit adult world. College and university years are so sheltered I can't really consider that to be completely adult Steffie.  I guess since I'm going off to graduate school, will I still be considered an adult? I'm not a dependent anymore at least. I dislike spending my parents monies anyways~ working girl!

Lol, anyways, sorry for ranting, my next post will be another studying tips post, then a comprehensive dry shampoo review, and my spring favorites~! :'D I just got a new BB cream from Innisfree from my one Korean friend so I've been wanting to do "Steffie's favorite BB creams" thing but I haven't opened that one yet~ Hehe~ I really love presents, but, you know, I'm a super giving person. I just love buying/ giving presents, too~ I can't wait until the day when I have more subscribers so I can do a giveaway~ ;D The one valid excuse for shopping. c: Happiness~! Be happy everyone! :'D