Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Influenster - Spring Fever VoxBox

Hey there!
Today I just wanted to do a quick unboxing here! :'D 

Yayyyy! I don't know about you, but I'm completely and utterly addicted to watching unboxing videos.... ;u; I guess I'm just noisy like that. Birchbox, Ipsy, Little black Bag, PopSugar... you name it, I love it... Any who~ I've signed up for this program called Influenster in which they basically give us free samples in exchange for future reviews (on their website). Being the broke college kid that I am, I just had to sign up~! Free stuff yo!

Here's what I got in my box! c:
I actually got this box last week so I've been meaning to do this earlier.... oh well...

1. First off is the Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm from NYC ($2.99) in the color 356 Big Red Apple.

OK. The product was like a HUGE surprise for me.... so the story goes... I had to take my roomie to the emergency care clinic because she was really sick... and afterwards we had to go to Rite Aid to pick up the prescriptions the doctor at the clinic prescribed for her... Whilst there... I couldn't resist from buying stuff! D; One of the products that I decided to pick up was THIS EXACT SAME LIP BALM. -___- Same color, same everything. D; Rite Aid was having a sale on NYC so it was like $2.30 when I bought it... but how unlucky... on the same day that I picked up the box and opened it... I bought the product beforehand... and I threw away the wrapper so I don't know if I can return it..... but enough ranting... I actually quite like this product!


Notice the apple imprint on the bullet! Hehe! That was totally the only reason why I bought it ;p
The only problem is that it smells like fake golden delicious apples..... like super fake with a hint of plastic.... but if you can get over that, I really like this stuff! I'm more of a tinted lip balm person anyway~ <3

2. The next product was the Secret Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant/ Deodorant (Full size: $4.59 for 2.7 oz / Sample size: $2.89 for 1.7 oz).

This was quite handy since I was in the market to buy a new deodorant~ hehe! Normally I use Dove (Skin Renew) and let me tell you, that one leaves white marks on your clothes and if you sweat a lot, it will form like white globbies in your armpits.... disapprove.... wahhhhhhh~ We'll see how this one goes! :'D

3. Then, there was the Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure ($5.99-$7.99) in D030 Holla

It's a pretty lace design. I've never tried imPRESS nails before but I have heard good things about it~

4. The one food item was a Tastykake Kandy Bar Kake ($4.49 per box / $0.90 for one) in Smores.
Not going to lie, don't call me a pig, but this was the most exciting thing in the box for me... kekekeke~ I love, LOVE smores! I'm really glad I finally did this just because I can't wait to try this one out! Yum! <3

5. The last sample was  a Schwarzkopf Profession OSiS Rough Rubber ($20.00)
This one is just a hair wax-y rubber thing that you stick in your hair to separate, define, and help style your hair. I quite like hair waxes so this was really nice! Also! This brand is more well known for their Dust It hair texturizing powder! That was also one of the possible samples and I really wish I would have gotten that one instead but so is life~ oh well! The box did include a coupon to Ulta for another Schwarkopf product if I wanted ($5 off).

Total box value: $32.77
Not bad eh? Unfortunately I believe that Influenster if only for those living in America, but don't quote me on that! Sorry! Also if you like an invite, just tell me please~ :'D

DISCLAIMER: I received all products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. 

Thanks for reading! Sheepy out~ <3

PS. Side note! I've relocated for the summer! I'll update you guys about that later c: