Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Face Shop & My Beauty Diary Mask Haul!

Hehehe~! I'm at it again! ;D
So this past Thursday + Friday, I went on a trip to Toronto, Canada with my Oppa~! :'D
He's just a friend, though.... I think.... I don't understand men.... Whatever. I have my beauty products to make me happy! =3=;; I purchased these products in at the Pacific Mall in a suburb of Toronto. c: It's like 20 minutes away from the downtown area and my Canadian friend recommended it to us. Unfortunately due to the weather, we weren't able to tour as much as we had wanted... but that's ok. I still saw a lot! Chinatown in Toronto is so legit~ o:

Ok, enough blabbering.... and on to the haulage! I'll start off with the masks! c;
But first! A side story! Hehe! So when I was in Singapore, my two favorite stores were Daiso and SASA.
Daiso is freaking amazing and it has everything. EVERYTHING. It's like the Japanese dollar store but they have some really nice stuff and it's $2.00 in Singapore. c: SASA, on the other hand, is a cosmetics store which carries like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese skincare/ make-up. OMG. Anyways, getting to the point here.... every time that I went to SASA, I just couldn't leave empty handed.... The one thing that I bought the most were masks! I'll do a more comprehensive review of the brands that I have tried later, but for now, just know that My Beauty Diary is freaking amazing-sauce! :'o Especially for the price! c;

(sorry it's two separate photos but black and white next to each other are hard to get details.... :'<)

I picked up two different mask sets from MyBeautyDiary ($13.00 CAD ea. or approximately $12.99 USD each), the Black Pearl Mask and the Arbutin Whitening Mask. Both are supposed to be for whitening/ brightening of the skin. Normally I pick up the Strawberry or Apple acne/ oil control masks, but I decided to try something new. Because summer is almost here, I thought that whitening is would be a good thing no? ;) The Black Pearl Mask is yet another one of those cult products that I've been meaning to try out.... so why not just pick it up now right? ;) So price wise, in the USA, buying it online would be about $15 USD each, so I thought it would be a nice deal to just pick it up then! ;D It was just in some random cosmetics store in the mall though, so I do not know the name of the store, but I assure you that these are legit masks in case you were wondering (you can tell by the stickers and packaging). I don't understand how people can make fake masks when it's not that expensive in the first place? I wanted to buy more, but everything other than the masks in that store was ridiculously overpriced or I didn't want it. :'( Why is everything that I want so expensive?! D;

Side note about Canada! Bring cash!! If you do, most Asian stores won't make you pay tax! If you pay by credit cares and stuff, you have to pay tax (like 10-11% reduct right?!!) so just bring cash! c:

Ok, that's all I have for masks~! I spent a little bit more money at the FaceShop..... Gargh~!
Ok! First with the big three products!

I picked up the Volcanic Clay Blackhead Heating Gel Mask ($11.25 CAD)
I just like trying more and more blackhead stuff because I hate the pores on my nose. D; I feel kind of silly buying this since I haven't even tried my Etude House one yet... but truthfully, I trust the FaceShop more.... so maybe I can do a comparison of the two later on?! :'D Heating Gels are good because the warmth from the mask will open up the pores, allowing for easier removal of the blackheads. c:

Next, I got the Rise Water Bright, Cleansing Milk ($12.00 CAD)
I told you guys that I'm really into whitening right now so I decided to try this out too. Truthfully, I heard good things about the line from Beautifymeeh on youtube, so that was one of the reasons behind this one. Also, I was running low on my cleansers anyways so I was in the market to pick up a new one~! This one is supposed to be good for removing both makeup residue while also cleansing the face. I also really liked that it has a pump. Anything with a pump is a huge winner to me!

Finally, of the bigger products, I purchased the Pure Water: Facial Mist Jeju Marine ($7.75 CAD)
If you remember from my last Missha Haul, I mentioned that I wanted to try out more facial mists so I could be all fancy like that.... I think I saw it in a drama right? Secret Garden anyone? ;) SO because of the Missha Fail, I picked this one up. There were ones that looked just like the ones from Missha (in like an aerosol can) but it was $20 a pop and for such a small size... I couldn't justify it... so I picked this one up instead~! Worth a shot! I can still be fancy! ;D Plus, in the hot summer months, it's nice to have something nice and refreshing! It also works as a toner to help refresh and refine your skin!

Next is the Lovely Me:ex, Happy Chu-Lip lip gloss/balm stick in Pk102 ($7.75 CAD). I believe this has a similar concept to the TonyMoly Bunny gloss bars, but not as cute packaging. Wahhh~! D: Actually the mall had a TonyMoly and a AmorePacific store but I didn't go into them because of time.... GRRRR. This is why it's hard to shop with guys... =n=

(EDIT: so I just tried this out and by first impression, I really like this! So smooth and creamy and feels really nice on the lips! It doesn't even build up in the cracks on my lips loladfja'lsdkjforz I have dry lips...)

The other actual cosmetic product that I picked up was the Lovely Me:ex You&Face Blusher in 08 Orange Syrup ($8.75 CAD). Coral is a huge trend this year for the spring/ summertime so I've been wanting to buy more orange/ coral things! Gotta stay trendy peeps! Plus, you know, forever a blush-aholic! Someone stop me! D: 

(Sorry, I couldn't find this link on the International FaceShop website for these specific type of blushes?! Why? >.<)

Swatches of the Orange blush (left) and Happy Chu-lips (right).
You can see there aren't any shimmers in the lip gloss/ balm stick. Just a nice satin-y color!

Ok, the last thing that I picked up from the FaceShop was their Daily Beauty Tools: Eyelash Curler ($2.50) Just your regular old eyelash curler. I spotted this one in the checkout line and it was calling out to me.... "Buy me Steffie! BUY ME! ;x". So.... I bought it! >w< Actually, I have been using the one from Revlon, but it's way too big for my small Asian eyes. Because of this, it's hard to get a good, even curl on my eyelashes. Therefore, I really needed a new one. This one from the FaceShop has a smaller size and I found that it fits perfectly with my eyes! It makes curling my eyelashes much easier than with the Revlon one! No need for any special techniques here! It also comes with two extra pads! Yay! ;'D

You can see the size comparison of the two eyelash curlers here! (Revlon - bottom, FaceShop - top) I admit, the Revlon one is prettier in design, but you can clearly see that the angle and overall size is bigger than the FaceShop one. Therefore, if you have small Asian eyes like me, don't buy the Revlon one please.... ahhhh the eyelid pinching.... ;u; I had to tilt my head back and be really careful not to pinch myself with that one....

The very last thing I'm going to show are the samples that I got from the FaceShop! ;D Sadly, they definitely don't give you as much samples as they do when you're actually in Korea. :'( In Korea, it's like crazy sample mania! D: Everywhere else is not! DD: WHYYYYYY~! This is for the new (?) Chia Seed Line. This is special in being made from more natural ingredients I believe... but don't quote me on that! D:

So, for application, you put on the toner first, then lotion, then the cream (packet).

Yay! I definitely had a blast shopping in Canada and want to go again! I stayed at the Marriott Hotel, which is connected to the Eaton Mall, which is supposed to be one of the biggest malls in the area, but I didn't even get to buy anything from there though. :'( Didn't even get to go to any Shopper's drug mart (which I believe is the popular drug store in Canada)! D; I did go to a Canadian Walmart though, and not much difference in their cosmetics (compared with USA cosmetics) so I couldn't pick up any Canada only stuff?! Oh wells. Next time~ c:<3 My Canadian friend was in England during the time so next time when I come, hopefully she'll show me a more Canadian side of Canada, eh? ;DD

I took a picture at the border! Wheet whoo! It's so easy to get into Canada! ;D

Also!! I did a little bit of clothing shopping with my friend so expect a fashion haul soon! I still have to do the other posts that I mentioned in the last post, though... Hehehehehe~!

Also, also! I put this at the end because I don't know what others will think, but does anyone else also think of the song by Otsuka Ai - Chu-lip when they read the FaceShop Chu-lip stuff?! ;D Chu-lip is supposed to be a spin off of Tulip in the song? I think FaceShop is going more for "Chuuuu" kissy sound + lips? Hehe~

Ok! Sheepy out! Thanks for reading! <3