Saturday, September 7, 2013

Collective Summer Haul '13

Let's face it. I can't spend more than 3 weeks without buying at least one new thing... D: 
And all that other time is spent drooling over other products that I don't have but want.... I need them lol~ ://D But I'll try to keep my blabbering short since this is a little picture heavy~ be warned!

I'll start off with skincare first! 
1. Queen Helene's Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque ($3 USD)
(pictured above)
Not going to lie, I bought this mostly because I always wanted to try one of those peel off masks~! :'D For some reason, the premise of peeling this off like a second skin really interested me. cx

2. Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Toner ($6 USD)
Ok. I go through toner the most of all my skincare things, and I like to jump from brand to brand. So far, I haven't decided which one is my favorite yet, so I thought that I would jump on this "witch hazel" bandwagon recently. (I was all over YouTube a while ago). I haven't been using it for long so I don't know much about it yet, though, except for the fact that it smells like butt. :( I've been spoiled by all the pretty smelling Korean products... D; 

3. Daiso Charcoal Natural Pack ($1.50 USD)
I've always wanted to try out this since it was so hard to find in Singapore! This is supposed to be one of Daiso's more famous products! I found this at the Daiso in San Francisco Japantown~ This surprising has a really pretty, floral scent to it. It's basically more like those egg masks in my opinion. Plus, the packaging is deceiving since it's not really all that full. :< Still love it though!

4. Daiso Pony Tail Holders ($1.50 USD)
I got two different designs since they were so pretty! First one is the acrylic bow that you can clearly see. Second ones came in a set of 2, the crochet flowers in tan. They had pearls in the center to add more visual interest~ Gotta love Daiso! Please move over to Pittsburgh too? ;u; <33

5. Nivea Lip Products (2 for $5 USD)
These are really moisturizing and they smell amazing. I really like these!

6. Nail Polish
Wet n Wild Megalast ($2 USD)
204B- Private Viewing: Your perfect, nude-y beige color that makes everyone's nails look miles long. It's so elegant and pretty, I LOVE this nail polish. Seriously, get yourself some because you will not regret it later.

218A- I need a RefreshMint: Just another minty blue color.
I really like that these polishes have a fatter brush (similar to the Sally Hansen Salon Series) that make for easier application. They also go on really well and wear for a decent amount of time!

Sinful Shine ($3 USD) 1233 - In the LimeLight
Sinful Color's new "Gel-like" nail polish. So you know how gel nails have that really nice shiny coat and stay for a really long time? This is supposed to be all of that in a nail polish form, I believe. I would say that it is nice and shiny without a top coat, but I don't think it's good enough to be gel nails yet. Not bad, though~

Fresh Paint (3 for $5 USD)
Alex's Lemonade
These are actually scented nail polishes! Love them! :'D
The yellow one smells like lemons and the green one smells a little sweet and sugary~! They come off a little thicker, though, but you can't expect much from such cheap nail polish.

Color Club Silver Glitter Art Nail Lacquer Liner (3 for $5.00 USD)
These are great for topping off french nails for that extra bit of glam. c:
(left to right: Private Viewing, I Need a Refresh-Mint, In the LimeLight, 
Alex's Lemonade, Pistachio, Glitter Liner)

7. Maybelline the Rocket Mascara ($6 USD)
... what can I say.... you can never have enough mascara... hehehe~ :'D
I have heard really good things about this mascara, though. I have extremely oily eyelids, so the falsies in waterproof cannot even stand on my eyelashes, so I thought I'd try this one out instead. The two things I look for in mascara are not smudging and easy removal. Currently I use a Japanese one (that I might review later) but it is not fun to remove~ ah~

8. Rimmel Show Off ($6 USD) - 500 Luna
They have a new name here, though. After seeing all the British YouTubers rave about this product, I finally got my hands on one of them! >:'D Unfortunately, this shade was not the best choice for my skin tone.... :/
They also smell pretty plastic, so if you are put off by these types of things, be warned. It does not smell good... It doesn't taste that good either... BUT the pigmentation and colors are crazy amazing~! <3

I picked this up at Walgreens in San Francisco. So far, I have not seen them anywhere other than Walgreens, but that may just be the area that I live in? Wahhhhh~ D:

9. Jordana FabuLiner ($2.50 USD)
Ok. Another YouTube made me buy it! D:
Thank you Eleventhgorgeous~! Lol, even though the price is really inexpensive, I completely love this product!! It works really well! It's really black, and the width is perfect~! Felt tip eyeliners are amazing because of the control they give you, too; so if you're a newbie like me, I say, totally buy it. o: It's also good in that it doesn't smudge like crazy on me, so if you're doomed with oily eyelids like me~ yea~ :'D

10. Rimmel Lipsticks 
Kate Moss Collection ($5 USD) - 08 Rossetto
Moisture Renew Lipstick ($8 USD) - 220 Pink Chic

I got the moisture renew lipstick because my roomie has it and loves it.... so I bought it... lol >u< And then they were running a buy one, get one half off sale... so I picked up the Kate Moss one. ;D It's a nice, neutral rose-y color that is perfect for everyday. c:


Hehe~! That's it for now... hopefully~
Gah. Someone needs to start a shopaholic club for bloggers ;D
Sheepy out~ <3