Sunday, September 1, 2013

Steffie's 7 Summer Essentials

Hey guys! I'm finally back~!! Yayyyy~ ;D
I had such an amazing experience as a Girl Scout Camp person. My other co-workers are amazing. The kids really loved me (Whooohooo! ;) ) I got to do trips to LA Disney World and toured San Francisco. It was definitely something that I will never forget! A perfect way to transition into my final school journey: graduate school. So starts a new chapter in my life lol....ja'dkjfls'djfasldfjdslf'kajflk ;u; When did I get so old?! D;

Hehehe! After leaving home for university, I started off in Ohio; then spent a semester in Singapore; flew off to California for this summer... and now I'm located in Pittsburgh! Anyways. I have been really into decorating my room lately so expect a tour of my new place soon! :'D I'm living in a 3 bedroom/ 2 bath apartment with 2 other people in the same program as me!

Anywhooo~! September has come and summer is starting to go away... ;u;
So here's my summer favorites~ <3

I don't remember if I have ever posted about this, but this is by far my favorite BB cream out there. It is my holy grail summer BB cream because the texture is so light and thin and jelly-like, it really feels weightless on your skin! c: Gel like products always seem to win in my book~ <3 If I were to ever recommend just a single one, I would say to try this one out! I would NOT recommend this for anyone with dry skin skin, though, because it tends to accentuate dry patches; however, it is perfect for people with oily skin because it dries to semi-matte finish, and also helps to control oil. If you're looking for intense coverage, though, don't expect too much. D: It's more of a light to no coverage I would say, but it does help even out the skin. c: Like most Korean beauty products, this product is also heavily scented with a sweet, floral scent. I personally love the way it smells though. c:

 (product comes with a sponge not pictured)

For summertime, the one thing that you need most is sun screen. It helps to protect you from those dangerous UV rays from the sun-light, and to ensure that your dark spots do not get darker. This is especially important if you have acne scars like me. D; Whyyyyyy~ I like to layer my sunscreens because I'm scared of the sun, too.... This means that I use this sunscreen first, then a BB cream with more sunscreen, and finally a setting powder with even more sunscreen...... Does this make me crazy...? D: So much sunscreen.... @w@;; Anyways, I don't notice too much white cast in pictures even though I use so much sunscreen so its all good~ (also, the sun is such pretty lighting, why use flash? c; ) I love this especially because it is oil-free and I normally live in humid environments that make my oil get a little too out of control; therefore, normal sunscreens would just be too oil for me :(

Come on you guys~ You guys~ you know you lipstick is way too much of a hassle, so tinted lip balms it is! :'D My lips tend to be a little more chapped in the summer (and winter... and all the time :/ ) because the sun all the time can dehydrate you, leading to chapped lips. So intense moisture + color is what I really need. Sometimes you really need that little bit of color to liven up your face. My favorite ones are the Maybelline Baby Lips. They smell AMAZING and the payoff is pretty good as well~ <3 You can see I really love the peach one hehe~ ;D I plan to get more in the future but I'm trying not to buy everything I see.... Self proclaimed shopaholic at work~ wahhhh~

More examples of my favorite tinted lip balms:

(left to right: NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm 356 Big Red Apple, Nivea A Kiss of Strawberry, Maybelline Baby Lips in 25 Pink Punch and 30 Peach Kiss) 

4. TEA TREE OIL ($20.00 USD for 3 bottles)
Ok. In the summer, my oiliness reaches its high, so I tend to be a little more acne prone than other times of the year... so tea tree oil is my best friend~ The lady at the store recommend using this on a Q-tip and applying it to your problem spots... but... I normally just slather a lot of it on my face after cleansing and using a light moisturizer. :p It stings a little, but I find that it does help a little to make my acne go away faster~

After seeing Jenny from Almighty Turtles post about this on her blog, I just couldn't not buy it... and I couldn't just buy one... hehe~ 

Shaving is important! Don't let your legs get too hairy please if you're going to wear those short shorts and skirts and dresses this summer! D:
This is my favorite shaving cream. It smells like heaven on crack and I love it~! It's more of a lotion based shaving cream so it will also leave your legs feeling all nice and smooth and soft after shaving~  It says that you can use it dry or wet, but I would not recommend dry shaving with this. It just wastes a lot more product and will ruin your razor by the end of it. :/ At least wet your legs before sink shaving with it~ c:

This is supposed to be a deep treatment for your hair, but I just use it as a normal conditioner since my hair is so damaged that I tend to leave my conditioner on for at least 2 minutes anyways. The reason why I love this one so much is because it smells so freaking amazing and the scent really lingers in your hair. ;u; Your hair will smell like a tropical coconut party even until you wash your hair again.... awesome~! It really leaves your hair soft too. c:

My obsession with scented nail polish will never die~ NEVERRR~
This one is such a pretty peachy coral color, it's perfect for the summertime. c:

Lastly, this one isn't really on the list, but I just had to post about it! My friend got me this case (which is unfortunately for an iPhone 5 and I only has an iPhone 4s... ;A; ) but it is just too cuteeeee~ It's so cuteeeeee~  A little bulky... but whatever! Love you Pooh Bear! Lol ;D 

Sheepy out~