Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Salon Review - Hair Friends

Yay~! So the last time that I cut my hair was actually last December when I went home to visit my parents.... my hair has since then grown out a lot.... Therefore, I decided to get my hair cut today. c:

I just picked some random salon by my university:

Hair Friends
116 Oakland Ave  Pittsburgh, PA 15213

For my cut, I gave him permission to do whatever he wanted to do with my hair, just as long as he made it more bouncy and less heavy. Because my hair was so grown out, the longer it gets, the heavier it gets. I didn't want my hair to be so weighed down anymore.
                                            Before:                                                    After:

I've gotten a little tired of always getting bob haircuts, so this time, all he did was add more layers to it (especially in the back) but keep the length. It also frames my face a little bit more. The added layers will give me more movement and texture to my hair without having to sacrifice the length. Even without the curls, it looks a lot more fluffy and stylish this way than before. I would have been happier with the haircut if he didn't touch my bangs though.... I'm very sensitive about my bangs. Especially because of my lazy eye, it's important for me to draw attention away from that eye. Garrghhhhhh~ Good thing bangs grow out quickly.

When I finally got to see my hair, all I could think about how he was totally trying to make me look Japanese.... o: Hehe~ Now I see why he wanted me to dye my hair a more golden brown color...
I really suck at curling my hair so I probably will never have anything like this again... but it's cute for today I guess. c:  I do love Japanese style and haircuts hehe~

(Typical Japanese medium length haircuts that I'm talking about)

PRICE: $42 Wash, Cut, Style
I really did just randomly chose this place without knowing anything about it! I didn't even Yelp it~! Therefore, I went in with no idea about what it would cost in the end~ I didn't really care as long as it was good this time around to be honest. SO. While I was waiting in line... I heard them giving out all these random prices to different people...? I'm wondering how they choose their prices... they seem to just make it up as they go.... suspicioussssss -__-
CONCLUSION: ( 4 / 5 )
So in the end, the real question is, "would I go back?" I think....probably not. I'm kinda fickle with my hair salons. I've never actually been wowed by any salons yet. I did enjoy that they went over what I wanted done to my hair before they did anything, though. I appreciated that. So if you are the type of person that shows up to the hair dressers and tells them to surprise you, I think it would be nice trying this place out. Being the broke college kid I am, I'd like to stick to places about $35 or less for haircuts.

Also, if anyone was wondering, I love these websites for finding cute Japanese style bobs: