Monday, October 21, 2013

OOTD - Fall Florals

Hi thereeeeeeeeee~ <3
Quick outfit of the day post~! c:
This is my take on transitioning from the summer to the fall.
You know me~ I don't really wear too much colors on a day to day basis.

So for the outfit, I just warmed up a summery dress with a nice gray cardi. Knee high gray socks add eye movement (since the greys go together) but also keep you warm too. And I wore some boots with it because you just need boots for the fall~ :'D

As always, I wore a waist belt to tie it all together. Waist belts are amazing because they help to define your waist and give you more of that nice, hourglass shape. I also used the belt to help shorten the dress~ ;) All you need to do is pull up on the dress around the belt, so that it folds over on itself. The belt will keep the fabric in place, and it adds a more of a slouchy, causal look (whilst also concealing that belly! D: ) to the outfit. I love to show off my legs so short isn't that bad sometimes~ ;)

Gray cardi: Forever 21 ($22)
Dress:  Target ($13)
Boots: JC Pennys ($15 or less)
Socks: 300 yen Store in Japan ($3)
Belt: Ebay ($2)
Bag: Nordstrom Rack ($20)