Saturday, December 7, 2013

NOTD - I Need a RefreshMINT

Mani Monday~! :'D
Not really though, today is Saturday.
Also, I did this some time ago but I was meaning to post this... really.... ><

Trying out this Wet n Wild polish in 218A - I Need a Refresh-Mint again, it works a lot better if you do a REALLY thin first coat (like legit wipe a lot of that polish off on the top before application. Just for the first coat though.) Otherwise it gets all goopy and streaky and fugh :(

On my pointer finger, I was trying out my new Formula X - Ionic Bond nail polish. I got a 4 set for myself (and checking on Sephora at the moment for the name because I was too lazy to get up and look at the box again.... it went on sale.... FUDGE -_____- every time I buy something it just has to go on sale......)

Anyways, I was wondering why people always always always do accent nails as their ring fingers? I think it's like with rings, ring finger is the dainty, pretty finger; middle finger is just your average, OCD must be even on both sides finger; and pointer finger is your power finger! Hopefully this gives me power hehe~ ;) This glitter polish was a lot more pigmented and thicker than I thought it would be. Like this is glitter glitter, not just random glitters on your nails. So it made the whole nail gold instead of adding gold glitters like I thought it would... but I still really like it~! c:

Ok then. Thanks for reading! c:<3
Also! Thanks for Facebook stickers, I've been slightly obsessed with Pusheen and I saw this sticker! 
Omg I died! ;u;<333
Sheepy out~