Monday, March 24, 2014


Excuse me as I freak out a little. o:
Target. I love you. But now I love you a whole lot more!!!

The selection is quite limited, but there are still some pretty awesome products! Including the BB cushions that are super popular in Korea right now! Unfortunately, I just picked me up a Amore Pacific Verte cushion foundation (so expect a future review on that!) but now that this is so accessible... how can I say no?! D;
I need to buy it all.... OMG. Yes.

Most of the products are skincare products, but Laneige skincare is amazing. I have tried the Water Sleeping Mask in the past and man was I in love. I'd really suggest trying that if you want something of their's to try. The water bank cream is also amazing, though! I haven't tried the sunscreen yet, but I'll probably end up getting it since my old one ran out... and I want it.... kekekeke~ Man. Target?! How do you do this to me?!

The most important thing is the price! The prices are NOT that bad. For these products, especially imported products, I would say these products are really reasonable and perfect for those wanting to try out more Asian skin care. I mean it's Target so you know you can trust it to be real too!! c: Truthfully, at the moment, you could get better deals at but their shipping takes so much longer and you have to spend over $100 for free shipping...

First, you got me with the NYX, then Toni & Guy came along, and now this?!
Can I just live in Target?! Kekeke~ definitely a girl's best friend. <3

The entire selection: