Monday, May 26, 2014

Venus Snap Review

Why hey there~~
I was given this Venus Snap by Gillette from Influenster so I thought I'd do a quick review for you.

Because I travel so often, this has really come in handy for me! The size is just right so that it is incredibly portable but still easy to use.  It is small and portable, easy to use thanks to the special grippy thingy, and usable even without shaving gel! The thing that I do NOT like is that the blades seem to rust really easily? I don't know if it's because I always put it back in the packaging, but the sides will ALWAYS stick to the sides that hold it in and the blades go dull really quickly! Like I've used other Venus razors in the past (I have since switched to men's razors since they're cheaper) and they don't rust this fast... I don't know.....

I'd give this a 3/5. Good for travel but it get's expensive to replace the blades so often.
Guys this stuff ain't cheap.... BUT show some of those gorgeous legs ladies~ You deserve it! ;)
Thanks for reading! Sheepy out~ <3

PS: Some of my recent trips!

Back home to CWRU to see some besties graduate~

Fooling around in Myrtle Beach~

Meeting Big Bird~

Little vacation in Philly~ And more to come! One of my traveling buddies is doing an internship in Pittsburgh too for the summer and we plan to do a lot of fun things while he is here! Wait for it! It is going to be legend.... not HAIRY~ Lol, I crack myself up. ;DD