Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Free Planner Printables - Molang Stickers

Hey guys~! So I completely blame Elle Fowler and my addiction to youtube for this, but I have become completely obsessed with planners and stickers for some time now. Being the broke little student that I am, I cannot afford to pay $20 a week for stickers... so I made some of my own! I decided that I wanted to share with you guys so will be posting some of my sticker creations.

I personally prefer white space planning because I find it more functional so I mostly will just make full boxes and half boxes to serve as accents in my spreads. If you would like any other type of format/ stickers/ icons, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you out! It's pretty easy if you know photoshop.


Here are my Molang, the cute Korean bunny, themed stickers! They are formatted for the HAPPY planner but should work fine for an Erin Condren, too. Just click for the link to the pdf! As for paper, I just use the Avery full sheet label paper from Amazon. Make sure to print at 100%! Do not fit to page! I aligned the boxes so that I could use a paper cutter to make the lines neater... but I still need to purchase a paper cutter.... First world problems kekekeke~

If you would like a photoshop tutorial, let me know. Expect a lot more of these to come! Next up will either be weekend banners or checklists!
Sheepy out~!